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I totally shop local. Except when I don't.

I’ve been to many, many Solano Strolls, but among the fixtures I see every year are always one or two booths that I’m unfamiliar with. This year I looked past the solar panel people, ignored the massage therapists, and even resisted those delicious high-end vinegars and oils. 725 more words

S.F. Bay Area

How do I spend my time? An exposé

Last week I wrote down everything I did.

It was harder than I thought it would be to keep an accurate account of my time, even though I kept the log open on my computer so that I could jot down my activities as I did them. 1,103 more words

Goals & Resolutions

Tackling the where-does-the-time-go syndrome

I work part-time and no longer have young children afoot, so I really have no excuse when it comes to completing my to-do list in a timely manner. 280 more words

Goals & Resolutions

Time For A New Story

As May drew to a close, it became apparent to me that I needed to tell myself a new story. I need a story that doesn’t involve the workplace, doing taxes, being a CPA, or any of the other ways that I’ve defined myself for these many, many years. 1,109 more words


Maybe I'm just not meant to ride a bicycle...

My husband Dave is a serious cyclist who is on a 90-mile ride today to train for the AIDS Life Cycle week-long ride at the end of this month. 754 more words

S.F. Bay Area

Beauty Resolutions for 2015

I will be continuing on with the steps I have identified in my previous post regarding Project Pan. However to be more specific and 2015-focussed I have decided to do the following. 518 more words


A lesson from my dream

I dreamt last night that I had taken some sort of aptitude test, in which I’d stated my career of choice as writing. At a graduation luncheon, announcements were made as to who would be doing what. 249 more words