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Time For A New Story

As May drew to a close, it became apparent to me that I needed to tell myself a new story. I need a story that doesn’t involve the workplace, doing taxes, being a CPA, or any of the other ways that I’ve defined myself for these many, many years. 1,111 more words


Maybe I'm just not meant to ride a bicycle...

My husband Dave is a serious cyclist who is on a 90-mile ride today to train for the AIDS Life Cycle week-long ride at the end of this month. 754 more words

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Beauty Resolutions for 2015

I will be continuing on with the steps I have identified in my previous post regarding Project Pan. However to be more specific and 2015-focussed I have decided to do the following. 518 more words


A lesson from my dream

I dreamt last night that I had taken some sort of aptitude test, in which I’d stated my career of choice as writing. At a graduation luncheon, announcements were made as to who would be doing what. 249 more words


meet Shirley, the center of my vision board

That’s Shirley. In case it’s difficult to see, she’s in a swimming pool, on water skis, surrounded by beach balls, smiling, waving and most importantly? 156 more words


Are New Year's resolutions passé?

January is the classic time to reflect, evaluate, and make goals. It is when many a person has resolved to lose weight, exercise, eat more healthily, et cetera. 518 more words


Lunching Down Solano Year-end Round-up

Well, my mile-long lunch journey has come to an end. I started at Jerusalem Organic Kitchen at the top of Solano in January, and I averaged one lunch per week for the entire year. 633 more words

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