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2018 Goals and Resolutions!

I am only giving myself two goals this year to do with the hobby, okay maybe three!

First Goal: Bring home a JID Original Glamour Bust through Doll choice with the KID Celina or KID Irene Head in Peach Gold with Make up B style. 278 more words


Resolutions with Tested Goal-Setting Is the Key to Long-Term Success

Resolutions with Tested Goal-Setting Is the Key to Long-Term Success

So you have come up with your resolutions. You are pretty sure that you are balanced in your approach.

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New year, new site...sort of

(Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash)

So, I feel like I should explain all this moving around and junk that’s been happening with Taking Flight.

If you’ve been following this site by WordPress Reader for like three years and wondering why I’m showing up on your feed again, then you’re questions will be answered shortly. 537 more words

Taking Flight

Goals Part TWO

Are your goals so big that they scare you? I know mine are!

With the new year upon us I am certain many of you have thought about a variety of goals you might like to achieve in 2018. 425 more words

Another late New Year's resolution

Okay, I think every New Year’s resolution from 1994 to 2013 had to do with losing weight and exercising. Which, of course, are good goals to have. 279 more words

Goals & Resolutions


So here it goes: PART ONE.. GOALS!

I have been contemplating what to set for my 2018 personal goals since early November. Recently, I was challenged by a friend to actually list them out. 314 more words


Yes, I'm still alive...

I’ve been a very, very bad blogger.

The one thing you’re expected to do as a blogger is to write blogs, at least occasionally, and preferably on a regular basis. 648 more words

Goals & Resolutions