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Confident selling ...

Our ability to sell correlates to our revenue, and yet it is hard to sell especially when in most cases it is yourself.

We must believe in what we are selling and therefore a good starting point is to decide what result the Client will get if they buy your service.   333 more words


Uncertain Future

Clear blue sky painted with altocumulus clouds spread evenly on a chilly morning is the kind of weather that promises a good day ahead. With that hope, I hopped in the local taxi and my short journey towards my office started. 707 more words


what limits you


Some may say its their background.
Some may say its their environment.
Some may say its their church.
Some may say its the school they went to. 172 more words


Review: Breathe Journal 52-Week Planner

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a big fan of paper. I spend my days reviewing books and stationery, and I also spent years studying the media and, in particular, print journalism. 803 more words


Tips for Surviving NaNoWriMo

If you follow my blog then you know that on Mondays, I like to share posts by other bloggers that I have enjoyed. Today, I am sharing with you an article by Stacey Jane McIntosh. 147 more words


Gaining Confidence

It has taken a while, quite a while when I come to think of it. My self confidence had taken several hits over the past few years but generally I refuse to be beaten by things and in a moment of loss and grief I decided something. 826 more words


Birthday Blues? Make a Fun List!

I recently turned 26, and I’m feeling surprisingly okay. I get a little nervous right as I’m about to turn another year older because my brain likes to tease me with thoughts like, “so you’re about to be 26 when you feel like you just turned 25, which means you’ll be 27 before you know it, and then before you know it you’ll be 30…and then 40…and then 50…and then before you know it you’ll be dead.” 846 more words