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By Robin Spiech:

We can’t predict what events or opportunities will open our minds to new possibilities, provide a new adventure or change up the game plan for our lives.  581 more words


set some GOALS, then DEMOLISH them

I’ve officially survived my freshman year of college and it’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve come home. While it’s good to be home, my previous routine of life has been very interrupted. 314 more words


Hammer and Chisel--Day 17

Another workout revisited.  Max Hammer Strength.  We exhaust the poor little muscles with one minute bursts of no weights and then we do 8 reps of heavy weights.   186 more words


Wednesday, 25MAY2016

Therapy day.

With it being a Wednesday, I had my regularly scheduled therapy appointment. Before going, I feared that there wouldn’t be much to discuss. I had previously met with my psychiatrist, PA, and discussed how abilify was packing a punch into stopping the ruminating behavior that now, seems to have distracted and unmotivated me to get things done. 556 more words


The New Look Weekly Review

Many productivity experts talk about the importance of a weekly review and I agree, I do one myself. But most of these reviews consist of looking at a long list of areas you may need to work on, or a “triggers list.” You take this list and run through it to make sure you don’t miss anything. 1,111 more words


Goal Setting Hacks

At some point in your life, I am sure you have heard about the importance of goal setting.

No doubt, to achieve something in life, you are best suited to have aspirations to get out of your comfort zone and make progress to a new place. 1,128 more words