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Joy Doubled (Joy's birth 7/3)

How does that saying go? A burden shared is a burden halved, and a joy shared is a joy doubled? Well, my joy sure doubled when Joy gave us two beautiful twin doelings on July 3rd! 276 more words


When Goats Fly

I can’t believe I haven’t told you about the goat kids.

Life has gotten insanely busy over the past month and there has been precious little time for such lovely frivolities as blog post writing, but it is verging on criminal that the goat babies haven’t been shouted about from the rooftops. 463 more words

A Photo Journey of Adelaide's Birth

The morning was quiet and spring-like.  The birds sang brightly as the dawn arrived.  Isabelle was pressed against the wall of the lean-to and was quiet.  346 more words


Anyone for coffee?

Another coffee for our collection, though sadly we no longer have our lovely Latte. She succumbed probably to septicaemia only a couple of days after having her baby. 123 more words

New Zealand

I Smell Like Goat Colostrum. Mmmmm… Part I

So, after dinner at around 8:45 pm, Sean and I went to check on Nanna, and it was a good thing we did! She was laying on the ground, bleating. 483 more words

Urban Farm

Cicada's Birth: A Freckled Smile and Honey Doe

The first week of spring granted us diverse weather ranging from glinting morning snowflakes falling briefly in the pasture’s morning sun to days warm enough to melt the ice cap of the back pond. 1,767 more words


Poke A Dot had twins!!

After several days of up at night; I can sleep easy knowing we have happy, healthy kids. Poke A Dot is a great mama.