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Goats are Back to Work at O'Hare Airport

Goats, along with llamas, lambs and burros, are back on the job at O’Hare Airport.  They arrived in July and thru November they’ll be helping to control invasive weeds and other plants around the airport.   11 more words


Goats at Work?

The blog Whole Home News has an excerpt from EXTRAORDINARY GOATS up now:

No, it’s not Take Your Goat to Work Day, sadly. But, goats actually are “workhorses” in the livestock world. 42 more words


Extraordinary Goats: Meetings with Remarkable Goats, Caprine Wonders & Horned Troublemakers

Forget chickens, bunnies or any other farm animals—goats are hot!  Besides their growing popularity with hobby farmers, goats are everywhere, getting millions of views on You Tube, in the news, doing yard maintenance and more.  285 more words