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Goat curry

During my trip to Sri Lanka I wanted to try some local food, which in Sri Lanka often means rice and curry. I found a restaurant called “Kaema Sutra” by one of the best chefs in Sri Lanka, Dharshan Munidasa, whose two other restaurants rank among the 50 best in Asia. 182 more words


Review: There is no game

I came across this game while looking for a new game to play. The title caught my eye. It just screams, “Pick me! Pick me!” This game was published by KaMiZoTo and published in 2015. 153 more words


All Hail the Goat King!!

All Hail the Goat King!

Ireland is known for many things: jovial people, Guinness, folk tales, uplifting music and captivating landscapes. I am quite certain that “Goat King” does not spring to mind when people think of ‘The Emerald Isle’. 392 more words

Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Goat Cheese Cream & Buttered Croutons

Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Goat Cheese Cream & Buttered Croutons

Totes my goats

Sometimes leftovers are more satisfying that preplaned meals. Was running late (like I do) and so I packeked jollof of life (Nigerian jollof) and stole a few plantains that my sister was frying (side story: kids stealing fried plaintains aka dodo from anyone especially a Nigerian can loose you a finger or two, if you are not experienced just Don’t do it!) I crowned this stellar bowl with two pieces of goat meat. 40 more words