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Wordpress is kind of slow today

I watched for blogs to read today, but there weren't as many as most days. I wonder if everyone is writing except me.

Let's liven this place up tonight. 192 more words

Little Waddell & Brownie...Leaving the Farm

Saturday I’m going to cry….this I already know. It’s the first time for me to sell any of my goats. I thought keeping them all would be an option, well that is a fantasy. 81 more words


G.O.A.T -(Get Out And Tango)

I only mowed my garden late last week,

And it needs another mow,

I think I’ll buy a goat instead,

And let him have a go.


Yipeee! Happy Friday friends!

Make it a goodie xx


3 Pretty Goat Gals... searching for a great home

This call for help comes from a lady who inherited 3 female goats at her rental property as they were left behind by previous tenants. Unfortunately, the time has come for the current tenant to move on – so she’s very worried about what will become of these three ladies and asked us to help Madonna, Bette & Blondie find safe forever homes. 332 more words


Magnolia Skies

I love my magnolia tree when it’s in full bloom.

It is, however, a challenge to get a picture to show its beauty.

There are other trees and buildings all around it, and I can only manage to get the bottom of the blossoms. 112 more words


Weekly Recap/Observations - October 9, 2014

We’ve been busy but much of the work has been indoors.

Trace and Ryan finished the bar in the rec room! We also spent a weekend (plus some) crawling around in the attic space running a wire for the microwave, covering the pipes with insulation, installing our bedroom ceiling fan, and replacing the bathroom fans; all in preparation for the blown insulation to go in by the end of the month. 155 more words