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Milking does

After over 20 years of breeding registered and grade milking does, we shut down our program in 2017. During these years we participated in USDA Milk Test and were tested yearly and were state certified for Brucellosis and TB. 231 more words

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Goat's Milk Cheese

Goat’s milk cheese is the easiest out of all three (goat’s, cow’s, and sheep’s milk) types of milk for humans to digest. This is because the fat globules are the smallest in goat’s milk,  because goat’s milk contains almost no casein, which is the main protein allergen that is in cow’s milk. 1,287 more words


Kimball's Cheese Does Please

Tonight, I went out with two college chums, Harbourne Blue and Hamakua, to the highly recommended Kimball House, located in the depot across the street from our… 206 more words

Cow's Milk Cheese

Wh(e)y Not?

When my cousin Rubi was visiting a few weeks ago, she was raving about this cheese they had at her Thanksgiving table called Black Betty… 211 more words

Cow's Milk Cheese

Brought to You by the Letter K

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I am in Rhinebeck, New York for the Sheep and Wool Festival. To celebrate 10 years of making this annual pilgrimage upstate, I am staying here for the whole weekend with some friendly female knitters who are mostly based in the city. 406 more words

Cow's Milk Cheese

In Search of the Ideal Cheese

Some months ago Perlagrigia told me about a sweet deal available for Ideal Cheese. Of course I signed up, but it’s a bit off my beaten path, so getting there required some careful planning. 633 more words

Cow's Milk Cheese