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Feliz QuesoMás!

I went out with some friends from work tonight. Among them were Kiri & Ms. Fox Hill who had joined me for a previous tasting in the park… 257 more words

Cow's Milk Cheese

Take another little piece of my heart-shaped goat cheese

One of the wonderful benefits of having a cheese blog is that people enthusiastically recommend cheeses, or better yet, BRING you cheese! Such is the case with today’s cheese, a goat’s milk cheese from a small farm in northern Norway. 201 more words


Have SWAG, will travel.

As you’re probably aware Australia is not particularly known for its cheese. That’s not to say we don’t love our cheese, we do, and we make damn good cheese. 845 more words


A cheese that sounds suspicious...but is delicious!

This week our cheese-y adventures take us up to Norway: home to glorious mountains, trolls, trendy sweaters and….brown cheese!  What’s that you say? Brown cheese?? 268 more words

Cow's Milk Cheese

Holiday Gifts for Foodies- Day 4, Say Cheese!

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love cheese. Personally, I love runny cheese, stinky cheese, hard cheese, blue cheese, French cheese, Italian cheese, American cheese ( 324 more words

Artisanal Foods

Cannibal Island Creamery, Lori Hansen

What a pleasant surprise I had this year at the Farmers Markets to see a new face, Lori Hansen’s.  Lori has been raising goats for milk for over a decade, but this year decided to diversify her operation and put in a new creamery on her Cannibal Island ranch.  186 more words


I miss Banana Flips

I drifted into one of those snooty supermarkets, you know the kind, where they have hand-held-throughout-the-growing-season arugula for sale. Let’s call it, hmmm, “Elitist Market.” Anyway, I only went there to get four items. 155 more words

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