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The Story of The Norwegian Brown Cheese

This is how the Gudbrand’s Valley cheese was born approximately
150 years ago

Long Traditions

The brown cheese is a distinctive Norwegian product with a long tradition. 292 more words

Traditional Recipes

Another gift - and more cheese sleuthing (Week 47)

The same friend who got me a piece of her family’s cheese from La Capilla de Guadalupe in Mexico gave me a riddle in the form of a cheese from Teocaltiche in the state of Jalisco – about an hour and a half to the northeast of La Capilla. 474 more words


Goat's milk is next to breastmilk

Goat’s milk has anti-stomach cancer properties. During World War II, my grandma Claudia used goat’s milk for my Aunt Monang, who is still healthy and young looking in her 70s.   671 more words


Lactose free butter is a thing

There was a recent post on Facebook about lactose-free butter.  Yes, you read that right. Not milk.  Butter.   And yogurt, sour cream and cream cheese too.   230 more words

Gluten Free

Κερκύρας κεφαλοτύρι, Ξυνομυζήθρα Κριτις and Jewish-Greek Pastries (Week 41)

Cheese: Kerkyras Kefalotyri and Xynomyzithra Kritis

Monger: A friendly lady at the cheese counter of a local supermarket

Where: Kerkyra (the city, a.k.a. Corfu Town), Kerkyra (the island, a.k.a. 928 more words