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Biloxi and Gulfshores, Mississippi

I just don’t know where Biloxi ends and Gulfshores begins. Or, vise versa if you are coming from the west.



I did this post a couple weeks ago, and it’s been so busy I’ve never gotten back to share it.  Well, here you go.  The goats all jumped over the ditch on their way back to the barnyard. 17 more words


The Geese Have Company

On Saturday, we took Casey & Tessie to see the “geeses” after breakfast and running a couple of errands. The chickens, ducks, geese, & turkeys have 2 new roommates next door. 187 more words


#1852 - Shark Tank

Tell me this isn’t the greatest lawn-maintenance idea you’ve ever heard.

Sketch A Day

Chloe's Twins

Chloe delivered buck/doe twins on Sunday, May 3rd. They were big kids for such a little doe, but Chloe did just fine delivering them.  The doeling is spoken for but the buckling is available. 19 more words


Even more babies! (Two more sets!)

Iota had her babies!  Check out the little moon-spots!

Not long after, Clarissa gave us FOUR baby does all in one go!

So that makes fourteen babies so far this year…  (When we let them all out to run around together, it’s a scene of adorable chaos…)  There is one more pregnant doe yet to kid.  48 more words