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All this ragged longing

All this ragged longing
kept hidden.

As though I must always
always a finished
always and only

Who can answer though
those thirteen birds… 71 more words



The Media takes STATEMENTS OUT OF CONTEXT, then FEEDS YOU SEWAGE. The PROBLEM is that from our Birth to our Death we are mainly fed Sewage / … 573 more words

END TIMES...Back To YOUR Future

Dreaming of Spring

I know I’m supposed to appreciate each season but I’m ready for spring.

Has anyone else (in the northern Virginia region) felt like it has just been rainy and dark all winter?  308 more words


Last man to fake Moon walk dies

Gene Cernan, 82, has passed away and has taken the secret of this elaborate hoax to the grave.  Scientists now acknowledge that the Moon is a 2,000km block of cheese and that space flight is as unattainable as a connection on Southern Rail. 151 more words

Flib News

An Awkward Rescue

When asked what type of goats we keep we answer as best we know by saying ‘island goats’. They’re wild and hardy and prefer to roam the day in whichever large field they’re currently stone wall fenced into. 305 more words

Writing & Photography

A Life Lesson from a Goat with FOMO

Feeding time is an eventful time on the farm. Yes, it’s noisy and a little chaotic, but it’s a daily routine I look forward to. The animals are a hoot and it gives me a chance to unplug and be outside. 292 more words

Beachbody Coach

Looking for a Queen

With bringing Minnie Pearl into the yard for extra attention and food, I’ve created a power vacuum in the herd.  We don’t have a queen.  That means the girls are trying to figure out who the next queen will be.  99 more words