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Goats! - Edmonton's Meet and Bleat

There’s one fact about myself that somehow hasn’t been noted on this blog as of yet. This little tidbit happens to be, that though I am a city girl, born and raised, I love farm animals! 485 more words


Getting the Llamas Some Shelter

With the rain we’ve had this week (Yippee!), I had to get the llamas some shelter.  They were not happy being outside.  It was nice rain that didn’t have lightning, so they were safe, but they were not happy at all. 236 more words


painting: Boer goat (08/20/2017)

This goat was from the fair last year, even though I have got a boatload of terrific new faces from THIS year’s fair. Why let a sweet expression go to waste? 29 more words


Capitol Report: Goat yoga causing zoning battle

MANCHESTER, Conn. (WTNH) — Goat yoga is the latest trend sweeping across the United States.

Apparently, it’s a thing in Connecticut now too.

However, the peaceful practice is causing headaches for some up in… 48 more words


Portrait of Play 2017, Week 33

I’ve been in quite a funk lately. Partly because I’m grieving the summer that we never had due to illnesses mostly, also because of everything that has been happening in our country, and probably mostly because I have no time to myself to even do the work I want to be doing right now let alone take time for self care…yet even though I am not spending anytime on myself, I can’t help but feel selfish that my time and thoughts are spent being overwhelmed by mothering instead of doing anything actionable about supporting people of color or fighting for everyone’s access to healthcare or even reading the news to stay up to date. 284 more words

Portrait Of Play Project

Where the Seals Roam: Reykjavik Zoo

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours

Snuggly piglets

Munch, munch, munch

Underwater olympics

Where the seals roam

Can I have milk?

Who’s first?

Grazing on the field… 617 more words


One Step Closer. . .

The other night after my friend finished brush hogging he took a look at the railroad tie post and gate he had put in for me about 7 or 8 years ago. 181 more words