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Whether fantasy, delusional thinking, or whatever suffices to salve the conscience of the prolific goats of the world; the author chooses to find refuge in something of promise, not that of selfish-based ideology from the other side of the argument that is right vs. 18 more words

Welcome to my Chaos!!

Yesterday, was a day of chaos reminiscent of a black & white silent movie.  Things were moving in fast forward, and none of the participants seemed to care.  895 more words

Moving To Oregon

Week 2 & 3: Climate Change, Rum and History

The past two weeks we have been filming up and down Grenada. I’ve interviewed Dr Laurel Murray, a climate change expert specializing in small island states who I bumped into during a visit to The Goat Dairy. 600 more words

A Meaty Separation

I saved a few books from my time in University, largely the theme that made the cut are food, religion (critiques of), sex and politics. Reading in school meant skimming for answers, and putting the book away after I finished a late night cram session so I could ride early in the morning. 500 more words

Counting Camels - Morocco

Caption Competition: 'Maybe if I rub my hands together, the Magic Genie of the Podium will give me the majority?'

WINNER: ‘Maybe if I rub my hands together, the Magic Genie of the Podium will give me the majority?’ (from Karen Nehilla)

This month’s photo come courtesy of: bbc.com… 56 more words


Il Leone Rosso, Sorrento, May 22, 2015

We are still consuming pizza, I just have not had time to blog about it. We’ve been changing house, having guests, and traveling. In fact our most recent pizza was in Sorrento on Sunday night. 546 more words

Go-To Place

Mongol Weekend to 11

This is my student.

On top of being a really good student, she is also an awesome person. And she comes from a family of herders in a nearby village, so when she offered to take us home with her for a weekend, Swiss Friend and I were like YES. 849 more words