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Goat Lessons Re-Learned

Warning:  Goats can be addictive.  I’m serious here.

Once you’ve welcomed these capricious creatures to your farm, once you’ve witnessed their silly antics, once you’ve given them head rubs and hugs and hung out with them in a sunny pasture while they lazed around you chewing their cud (or kept trying to squeeze onto your lap)–there’s a good possibility you’ll be hooked for life.  822 more words

Sokoto Red Goat in Odoragunshin, Epe, Lagos, Nigeria.

Sokoto Red Goat in Otedola Integrated Farms, Odoragunshin, Epe, Lagos, Nigeria. #AgroKorps


The Hot Strikes Us All

It’s been very very (very!) hot here in northeast Illinois lately.  A goat & hen found a bit of shade in a nicely convenient spot. 60 more words

Original Photography

Moms and Kids

I had some of my moms in the yard during the horrible heat so they could eat grass and not have to walk in pasture because they were not doing well with trying to raise kids in heat. 181 more words


Furry firefighters

The sound of the dog’s distant but loud bark piqued my dog’s curiosity. The bark spoke of urgency and intruders. As we continued our walk, I soon realized who the intruders were. 690 more words

Flourishing Tree

7. Fences, part 2

Fencing is never done.  Never.  You’re either building new ones, repairing old ones, maintaining existing ones, or modifying current ones.  The best fence in the world only serves its purpose if you maintain it regularly.  1,170 more words

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