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Dear emotions,

For the love of god, would you STOP already?!?!

You frequently have little to no basis in fact, you come and go with no warning whatsoever, and Christalmighty you are so friggin’ overwhelming I can’t even handle it. 743 more words

Oh The Humanity

#Writing #Workshops for September (and a goat picture)

Interrupting this irregularly scheduled interruption: I almost made it! :-D

As many of you know, I took a break from blogging this summer. My goal was to take the month of August off, at least. 924 more words

Jill Archer

The Goat Pen

This project was one helluva job. The greatest part was working with folks who know what they are doing. Even though it isn’t perfect, we got there. 206 more words


Goats For External Use Only Humor Taiga Hinge Wallet

You can easily determine a clutch problem, while holding the clutch it will create many noises. So to avoid any further expensive replacement you must replace or repair the clutch. 302 more words

Christopher Hitchens Falsified Again....

The metaphor that was used goes back to Ancient Egypt and the divine right to rule.  The Metaphor was the Sheep being contrasted with the Goats.  195 more words

Signs of Spring

And so we have come to the final day of winter.  When it comes to the spring and summer I prefer to go by the calendar as it brings the desirable seasons to me quicker.   177 more words

Sarah The Gardener