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A Dose of Goat Cuteness!

I took these pics of our precious baby goats the other day. Daisy(the lighter one) LOVES the camera. Half the problem with interacting with these cuties is that their mom,Maggie, does not like people; she was quite the victim of neglect. 97 more words

Daily Fun

Addition to Our Nubian Goat Family

This little guy is about a month old and starting to nibble hay already. Mother is proud as punch and a little upset with me because these are the first pics I’ve taken of her cute son. 64 more words


Cagvagnac, Intro 

We said our goodbyes to Manûe, Geràrd and the Russian couple who gave us a big bar of Russian chocolate (right before we left we wrote on their helpx guestbook which is a big white board, just saying a little thank you!), We loaded up Hugo’s little Renault 5 and jumped in. 379 more words


Mobbed, and very nearly eaten, by the Sunshine Coast's Eco Goats.

Yesterday, I hung out with the fine caprines of Eco Goats Queensland, up in the weed-infested hills of the Sunshine Coast hinterlands.  As well as being completely adorable, these goats are working to help clear environmental weeds like the feral Mexican sunflower ( 151 more words


When to Visit and What to Expect

In the glory days of that first summer down on Belmont, the gate mostly was kept latched but unlocked during business hours, the herd’s original owner being directly across the street and able to keep watch during the day. 633 more words


Buck Pictures

I’ve been asked by a couple of prospective buyers for more buck pictures, so I figured I’d just make a post with them for easy access.  124 more words