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Do you know why a Go Board is 19x19?

Original Article in Chinese

The size of a go board has gone through many changes, from 9×9 to 15×15 to 17×17 and then finally to 19×19. 243 more words


Release: "Romance Study" and "Secret Study" by Goban

A 2-for-1 special. Happy new year!

The color pages are “Romance Study”, and the rest is the sequel to it, “Secret Study”.

Translator: Crystalium
Editor: Palaxius… 31 more words


Pesisir Jakarta itu...Eksotis !

Saya hampir tak percaya bahwa panorama diatas berlokasi di Jakarta. Pemandangan yang sepertinya hanya bisa saya saksikan lewat layar kaca yang banyak menghiasi film-film kolosal dari Negeri Tirai Bambu. 4,318 more words

Barnes and Noble Go board review

You have have noticed that Go Equipment is hard to come by in the US. You may have also noticed that Barnes and Noble has started selling a go set… 359 more words

Using the kgs go client (cgoban) on linux

This short article will cover a very basic think: How to use the cgoban editor and kgs-client from Linux.

On the KGS website you can download cgoban.jnlp which can be started using the javawebsart. 225 more words


Wei'Qi Rising

Go, The Game

My Progression of Skill

My progression of skill throughout the game of go has taken me across a many varied landscape. In the beginning, the image of the goban presented itself as a void, an empty, flat, 2-dimensional space through which stones were scattered in random, chaotic, motion. 993 more words