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Magicians of The Gods... and pseudonyms

Hello again,

Writing a blog twice in a month, this is almost unheard of from me but it feels good to make a plan and stick to it for once! 669 more words

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Astounding Neolithic Site — Göbekli Tepe

For those interested, I have posted 17 images of Göbekli Tepe (“Potbelly Hill”)—a Neolithic site located about 9 mi. north of Sanliurfa in south–central Turkey before the “protective covering” was constructed over the site.  262 more words

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Back to Pillar 43: Those pesky purses

The celestial markings on Pillar 43 at Göbekli Tepe are indeed intriguing, but there is more: Those pesky purses decorating the top of the pillar. 657 more words

Lost History

Gobekli Tepe and the Mayan Calendar

Remember that pesky December 12, 2012 date?  The one that came and went and we are still alive?

Well, what it signified was not actually a single date, but a span of time. 271 more words

Lost History

Ancient Extinction Revealed: Atlantis, Göbekli Tepe & Mysteries of the Gods with Graham Hancock

An ancient extinction event that wiped out Atlantis more advanced societies 12,000 years ago is illuminated with author Graham Hancock. From the megalithic structures at Göbekli Tepe and Gunung Padang, to the buried ancient power centers that are hiding a history that archaeologists are unwilling to acknowledge–the MAGICIANS OF THE GODS author fills in a blank space in human understanding. 216 more words