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Standard Views

There is a standard view of history and historical progress that remains in many textbooks and popular works. Human culture evolved from primitive hunter gatherers who lived in small groups with an egalitarian culture and little social organization. 619 more words


Guarded by beasts: a porthole stone from Göbekli Tepe

During the 2009 and 2010 excavation seasons at Göbekli Tepe, several new trenches at the northwestern hilltop of the tell were opened. Below the plough horizon, as we already had expected, soon rectangular rooms appeared, the characteristic features of the… 578 more words


The death of an aurochs: Göbekli Tepe, Pillar 66, Enclosure H

Next in our series about the pillars of Göbekli Tepe (here, and here) is P 66 in Enclosure H, located in the northwestern depression of the tell.  447 more words


The Göbekli Tepe 'Totem Pole'

Every excavation season at Göbekli Tepe reveals new remarkable finds and although the overall spectrum of objects to be exspected is known quite well, there are also surprises. 507 more words


Ancient Alien Technology at Gobekli Tepe (Proof of Tetraploid Humans)

http://SecretsPinkKush.ZapperSoftware.com Find out the truth about the hidden existence of tetraploid humans AKA giants. They are the ones controlling the Illuminati and, consequently, us humans as well. 16 more words

Alien Videos

New publication: ‘Feasting, social complexity and the emergence of the Early Neolithic of Upper Mesopotamia: a view from Göbekli Tepe’

The new year brings new books, and here is one we would like to point out, because, well, we have a contribution on Göbekli Tepe in there. 394 more words

Göbekli Tepe

Enclosure B, a short overview

Second in our series of short overviews of the architecture of Göbekli Tepe’s older layer comes Enclosure B – which also was the second structure discovered during excavations. 694 more words