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New publication: ‘Feasting, social complexity and the emergence of the Early Neolithic of Upper Mesopotamia: a view from Göbekli Tepe’

The new year brings new books, and here is one we would like to point out, because, well, we have a contribution on Göbekli Tepe in there. 394 more words


Enclosure B, a short overview

Second in our series of short overviews of the architecture of Göbekli Tepe’s older layer comes Enclosure B – which also was the second structure discovered during excavations. 694 more words

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Proof Of Noah: Gobekli Tepe

Is Gobekli Tepe proof of Noah? Is this structure the altar in which Noah sacrificed one of each animal to God? This mysterious site is dated to be over 10,000 years old, which could ultimately push back the supposed date of Noah and the ark to a much earlier period, just after the ice age era. 36 more words


Gunung Padang and The Lost City of Atlantis

There are megalithic sites and then there are megalithic sites.  Our ancestors, it seems, were particularly fond of building things.  Look at the skyline of any major city and you can see we haven’t strayed too far from that ideal ourselves.  1,326 more words

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A tale of snakes and birds: Göbekli Tepe, Pillar 56.

Since we get lots of questions regarding Göbekli Tepe’s pillars and their depictions, we will try to post short descriptions here. This time it’s Pillar 56 in Enclosure H.  414 more words


Göbekli Tepe in images

Photography certainly is an important tool for documentation in archaeology. For me personally, it is also a hobby (you can find me on Flickr here: … 669 more words

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The 'Urfa Man'

The ‘Urfa Man’ in the garden of the old Urfa Museum (Copyright DAI, Photo I. Wagner).

The ‘Urfa Man’ in the garden of the old Urfa Museum (Copyright DAI, Photo I. 569 more words