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Incredible Archaeological Finds You May Not Know About

Did you know I wanted to be an Archaeologist/Anthropologist back in College?

I think this is probably the 13th time I’ve mentioned this on my blog! 332 more words

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[NB] Side(real) Eye, Fallen Angels, Epochal Astrology

This post comes together at the crossroads of three trajectories. The first, mentioned in this post, is the potential that the Watchers are the zodiacal constellations. 595 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

[NB] Ophite Planetary Variations and Kabbalistic Permutation

While Orlov is talking through the broader Gnostic and Hermetic horizon that the Slavonic both informs and is informed by, he makes an off-hand observation that I want to highlight here. 923 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

Is Religion the Driving Force Behind Human Civilization?

In a brief article in the ‘Opinion‘ section of New Scientist titled “Should We Thank God for Civilization” recently discusses how the current model of how civilizations first developed in human history is being challenged, namely with the discovery of… 355 more words

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The Seriation of Western Civilization


At least four times in the history of our planet, civilization has independently emerged, and we possess a fairly detailed archaeological record of a complete series in each of these four cases of the development from the most rudimentary settled agriculturalism up to a fully developed and articulated agrarian-ecclesiastical civilization. 1,997 more words


How Does The Göbekli Tepe Find Change Our View of Human History?

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History Books Will Need To Be Rewritten

Göbekli Tepe is a phenomenal time capsule of discovery and insight.   2,716 more words

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