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Megalithic Origins: Göbekli Tepe and Ancient Peru - The Same Architects?

By Hugh Newman | Ancient Origins

At 6,500 years older than Stonehenge, and 7,000 years before the pyramids were constructed, a cult megalithic complex sat atop the hills near current day Sanliurfa, in southeast Turkey. 1,366 more words

Saudi Arabia

What is the connection between Göbekli Tepe and...

Göbekli Tepe is often compared with other megalithic architecture. Stonehenge is an example here, others include the temples of Malta, the Taulas of Menorca, or the Moai of the Easter Islands. 1,187 more words

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Göbekli Tepe Skull Cult

The internet has been buzzing about a potential 11,500-12,000  year old skull cult from Göbekli Tepe in Turkey. Göbekli Tepe was just discovered several years ago… 395 more words


The Sphinx & Göbekli Tepe

This is important set of data and it all points to one conclusion that we had this early realm/cycle of civilization best represented by Göbekli Tepe, but let’s not forget about the Great Sphinx in Egypt where it all started.

Robert Schoch, Hour 01:13:00, Youtube Link.


A separated head between animals on a stone slab from Göbekli Tepe

In 2009, the last meter of filling was removed from Enclosure D, the best preserved building of Göbekli Tepe’s older Layer III. We already knew that during the refilling of the enclosures special objects, like… 303 more words


Stone carvings reveal comet catastrophe over 10000 years ago

Both videos courtesy of The Thunderbolts Project

New scientific reports suggest that ancient stone carvings confirm that a great comet struck the Earth over ten thousand years ago. 141 more words


David Rohl & Göbekli Tepe

In Göbekli Tepe they are not dating the monument, they are dating the Earth! And you don’t know how old the Earth is! You don’t know where it’s come from!

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