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A separated head between animals on a stone slab from Göbekli Tepe

In 2009, the last meter of filling was removed from Enclosure D, the best preserved building of Göbekli Tepe’s older Layer III. We already knew that during the refilling of the enclosures special objects, like… 303 more words


Stone carvings reveal comet catastrophe over 10000 years ago

Both videos courtesy of The Thunderbolts Project

New scientific reports suggest that ancient stone carvings confirm that a great comet struck the Earth over ten thousand years ago. 141 more words


David Rohl & Göbekli Tepe

In Göbekli Tepe they are not dating the monument, they are dating the Earth! And you don’t know how old the Earth is! You don’t know where it’s come from!

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[NB] Kinship, Maternity, Gender

Ancestry and lineage are hot topics in magical circles these days, but in talking about these things we often fall into vague and romantic notions about how kinship is constituted and defined. 1,445 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

Did a Comet Impact Jumpstart Civilization 13,000 Years Ago?

There have been numerous theories about the nature of human civilization in late pre-history. It’s been a major focus for countless archaeologists and anthropologists striving to come to terms with how civilized cultures – complete with complex socio-economic structures, religions, mathematics, architectural mastery, etc. 414 more words

Buried face-down. A statue from Göbekli Tepe's southwestern hilltop

Starting from 2007 new excavation areas were opened at Göbekli Tepe´s southwestern hilltop. The aim was to get a better understanding of the architecture of the tell – would the stratigraphical situation from the southeastern excavation areas repeat here? 287 more words


The Vulture Stone at Gobekli Tepe - A monument to a cosmic disaster.

Many of us are familiar with the use of ancient civilisations making monuments that in some way link up to either our calendar, the sun, moon or stars.   868 more words