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Cave goblin spears #7 – Glass eye champion

This one is supposed to hold the place of the king in the regiment whenever the king has other kingly things to do.

Another great sculpt, clean and simple. 69 more words


Cave goblin spears #6 – Goblin king

Running on steam, foul brew, mind-bending mushrooms, ignorance and evil the king in his metal skin rules in the caves. Although honestly it looks more like the armour was put together with pieces of a dwarven stove, the king is proud of his magic trinket, which at once symbolizes his power and helped more than once against backstabbing. 136 more words


GROUNDED by Lucas Durkheim

A young soldier without experience is sent to a surveillance post, in the middle of the desert.

Réalisateurs / Directors : Lucas Durkheim
Année de production / Production year : 2016… 137 more words


The Mill - by 2nd Year Gobelins Students

In an abandoned industrial area, a strange phenomena poisons the environment. A girl has to take care of her sick father suffering from his sickness. 39 more words


Le cadeau d'un sourire

A gift of inspiration to wish you Bonne Année 2017:

  • Exercise your oral and reading skills in French
  • Discover a source of visual gems (especially fabulous if you happen to teach French), by students at…
  • 29 more words
French As A Foreign Language

Alana has the Edge

Alana Bullock, one of our second year BA(Hons) Drawing students, has recently been awarded the Falmouth School of Art Edge Award for 2016/17 and will now be off to Paris in the summer to study Character Animation at… 200 more words

Inside The Falmouth School Of Art

Blind Spot

Sometimes the truth isn’t quite what it appears to be.

From the students at Gobelins, School of Images, Paris, France.