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Rock'n'roll Beer

Today in a dream I drank rock’n’roll beer,

The bottle itself lets out a loud cheer,

When you touch it with intention to drink,

Even better if your skin has some ink. 128 more words

Rhyming Story

Orcish Executioner

Isn’t that a cheerful way to fill in some time between paintings? I’ve just had this image of her in my head for a few days so I need to get her out before I can concentrate on getting other work done.  44 more words


New album from Goblin Rebirth now streaming

Featuring the original rhythm section of the legendary Goblin, GOBLIN REBIRTH mix classic horror-score soundscapes with a chillingly exciting, new drive that will thrill prog-heads and score-fiends alike!

New Stuff

Suspiria (1977)

First published by Little White Lies

Up until 1977, Dario Argento had specialised in the giallo – a sub-genre of sensationalist crime thrillers that would eventually spawn the American slasher – but then along came his… 311 more words

#FF @HTMekkatorque


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I need this to be a fair fight so I don’t get a bunch of belly aching whiners after the election.   33 more words

Sons of Eorl & Misc Commission Update #3 - Gobbo

Finished painting this pewter Gobbo figure. He has so much character. I just see him photobombing the Mad Max movie in every chase scene XD… 25 more words