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Want and DenialĀ 

Rossetti’s “Goblin Market” is a dark poem that tells of a sister’s immense love and commitment. Starting with line 281, and continuing through the end of this stanza, I will note the ways in which the gothic emerge – sometimes more subtly than others. 250 more words

Old wounds

They sat in an awkward silence before Pai began to cry again, her shoulders shaking as the last two decades of anger and hurt began to pour out of her.

92 more words

Avalon 3.8: part 3 of 5, Underground

They marched a long way into the mountain, and Boston was glad to see she did not take to claustrophobia, the way some light elves felt it. 1,246 more words


Goblin Earth - Chapter 4

So back to me, because gravity and firelight are really just not that fucken interesting. I can bless. That is a power I have realized by accident. 911 more words

Goblin Empire

Avalon 3.8: part 2 of 5, Captive

The travelers saw some people during the day, and passed by a village, but kept their distance. The lifestyle looked primitive. People dressed in animal skins, the huts barely kept out the rain, and the fields of grain got worked with tools of sticks and bones. 1,161 more words


Styx: Master of Shadows offers no-good, sneaky mischief

Wisecracking skullduggery is the joy of this stealth-action game where as a goblin wretch skulking the shadows, you get to climb impressively large castles and lure sleepy guards to their doom. 185 more words

Gameslingers At Dawn