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More and More Amazing Spider-Man 2 Concept art...

This should be the last little bit i post on this subject. Found a few more peices of concept art for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. 44 more words

Comic Book Movies / TV Shows

It’s the first day of National Poetry Month. Here’s my first 30 April poems. Drink up!!

A Goblin Carousal

If you’ve been invited,
tis best to bring the wine…

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S. Thomas Summers

Goblin Valley

As promised, today I’m posting pictures of Goblin Valley State Park, Utah from the recent camping trip Erin and I went on.  If you ever get a chance to go here, take it, the land scape is one of the most surreal I’ve ever seen.   44 more words

Witch Extinguished

“She’s of no use to us!” I demand.

“I’ll decide who is valuable here,” the king replies.

“Aren’t I valuable to the kingdom, my lord?” I ask. 548 more words

Goblin Empire

Peoples of Tòlanar #4: Dsòrkit (Goblinoids)

DSÒRKIT (Goblinoids)

The Dsòrkit consist of three closely related subraces: the Atkàkod, the Dusqaer, and the Xiqròr. The Atkàkod (roughly 15% of the population) are the nobility of the Dsòrkit, the Dusqaer, who make up roughly 80% of the population, form the common people, they are the peasants and cannon fodder. 1,544 more words


Ende Records review of “Dead, but not buried” by Manifestevil:

(ENDE19) Manifestevil – Dead But Not Buried: Unearthed Relics
Manifestevil is a breakcore/IDM/glitchcore/hardcore/black noise producer and visual artist from Sydney Australia.

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