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Profondo rosso (aka Deep Red, 1975)

Released in 1975, Profondo rosso (Deep Red) is considered by many to be not only Dario Argento’s greatest work, but also the highest example of the giallo form. 1,510 more words


Community Spotlight ::: Featuring Roxi!

Hello everyone!

Firstly, thank you all for being patient with me since my last blog update. I am currently working on a transmog for Eluvia, but as always the bow has not yet dropped for me.  1,240 more words


Phat Groups Revisited

Here we got the most famous Phat Lewts transmog import list revisited.

I pulled away the crafted items because I prefer to have them in professions groups for an easier management and restock. 2,556 more words


He Is Risen!

Behold!  On the top of a wind swept hill a lone tree stands.  It’s knots and gnarled limbs make it seem cancerous and dead, but some life still yet lingers. 541 more words


A Little Lost

sneak peek of one of the new illustrations in my project Songs of Fablewood

“The ultimate destiny of monsters: turning to rock and being put in a museum.”

Gold Runner: A Novella of Goblins, Theft, and Teenage Gods…

10 more words