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Ork Deffkopta (Helicopter) with Object Source Lighting (OSL)

Well, the effect is there, but not really noticeable as I’d hoped.  HERE is the unpainted conversion.

Notice the heavy bombs dangling by the tail rocket and the stick grenades attached to the outer tips of each wing.   57 more words


History Lesson

Snow today. Northern Jersey is covered. I’m sitting by a fire enjoying a bit of peace, but as a teacher, I believe wisdom and knowledge must continue to me taught, learned, and experienced. 123 more words


Mar 4 Goals - Code cleanup continues, maybe a few new units

Today is pretty well just going to be a cleanup day. While I was optimizing a bit of code yesterday I managed to basically break everything. 108 more words


Goblin Shark Caught off Australian Coast

Goblin sharks are perhaps not the first species that comes to mind when you think about the creatures of the ocean. These unusual beasties are not as easy on the eye as some of the more glamorous animals that live beneath the waves. 262 more words


Mar 3 Conclusion - New Enemy, but lots of broken things

I decided to get very little done today; and when I say “decided” I mean a bad turn of events and a looming frustration caused me to get few things done. 130 more words


Morikawa Toshiyuki and Saito Chiwa Lead Ninja Slayer Anime

By Sean Effendi

The official Twitter account of Trigger‘s Spring 2015 TV anime adaptation of Ninja Slayer has tweeted the cast members.

Ninja Slayer – Morikawa Toshiyuki… 32 more words


Game Variety

The Queen calls for a fight-to-the-death to become something more pleasurable. The King just doesn’t get it.

Definitely been reading too much about Ancient Roman culture and gladiators.

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