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Sometimes, on a clear starry night, I look up and find myself awe struck by the magic that is reality up above me; the ever alluring fabric of the cosmos gleaming with endless mystery… I wonder if there is anybody else that gets gobsmacked like me, that feels the tug of the stars on their heart like me. 93 more words

Short Reads

Come Knocking

The hand of time did come knocking when I least expected it. I couldn’t stop it or slow it’s approach.
Oh how I always felt it was afar and I was well ahead of it. 74 more words


One Day in April

Mother, you died at Eastertide . It’s been 15 years. I still have moments when I must remind myself it’s real.  The projector in my mind whirls and I screen that day over and over. 123 more words


'Gobsmacked' inventor wins US prize for eye-driven wheelchair.

A man with motor neurone disease has scooped a US prize for inventing a device which allows people to control wheelchairs using only their eyes. 238 more words


Mumford and Sons: Wilder Minds

When Mumford and Sons came onto the music scene with their debut album ‘Sigh no More’, I was blown away by the musicality and ability to bring out so much emotion with minimal percussion and all acoustic instruments. 235 more words



The main point of my triumphant return is that I absolutely have to share this… I’ll-come-up-with-an-adjective-later experience.

You need a bit of background for this one – bear with me. 703 more words

With a little luck

Whilst talking to my daughter last night, a revelation came to me:  I am a Little Old Man carrying for a Little Old Lady.

The Little Old Lady is an 86-year-old widow.  281 more words

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