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A soldier’s first duty is to obey orders and he does it truthfully with all his heart, mind, soul and strength. A good and dutiful soldier never ever entertains the idea of betraying his country as it is tantamount to betraying his Creator. 162 more words



The book of Acts is the second book in a series of books written by a doctor named Luke. We just finished going thorough the first book, the gospel we typically just call, Luke. 660 more words

Daily Student Devo

"United": how the concept of god prevents questioning authority 

I’m sure by now most people have seen or heard of the man who was assaulted and dragged off a United Airlines Plane. Of course this has been met with great outrage across the nation; but the Right quickly follows this outcry with a defense of law enforcement. 707 more words

In the Kingdom of Ever After

The Son is shining in the Kingdom of Ever After. A rainbow, the sign of divine promise, perpetually encircles His throne as His face radiates a holy light like an arc of lightning that never fades. 786 more words

God And Country

God and Country in Order

In his book, Destroyer of the gods, Larry Hurtado writes about why the Christian claim that there is only one God was especially offensive to those in the ancient Roman world.  696 more words


What General Washington Expected from his Chaplains

This post brings the series on George Washington’s Remarkably Modern Chaplain Problems to a close. Today, we will revisit some of the ground we’ve already covered and capture the last few remaining pieces of Washington’s correspondence that directly relate to chaplains. 1,331 more words

God And Country

General Washington Answers Chaplain Letters

Washington occasionally received letters from his chaplains. What did the chaplains want? Recognition, assignments, pay and – in once case – exoneration. 1,549 more words

God And Country