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Why Memorial Day Matters to Me

Because I went to places in Iraq where my compatriots died and I was sometimes present while their sacred remains still lay on the battlefield. 541 more words

God And Country

An Invitation to the Lord’s Table for Soldiers with Wounded Spirits

Psychologists are beginning to think about the spiritual wounds of war that don’t result from the trauma and fear that leads to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), but from witnessing or committing acts that transgress deeply held moral beliefs. 466 more words

God And Country

A Difficult Time... and a Call to Return

In the maelstrom of confusion resulting from our nation’s moral collapse, it can be overwhelming to think that for a child of God, nothing has really changed.  1,211 more words

God And Country

Jus Ante Bellum

Classic just war theory concerns itself with jus ad bellum (just resort to war) and jus in bello (just conduct in war). Recently, theorists have also begun to write about… 702 more words

God And Country

Fearlessly Facing Change

A friend of mine, on reflecting upon the breathless rate things are moving along, said over lunch with me that we are in times of “white water change.” I doubt that anyone can really disagree with that observation, although people may disagree on how to respond to it. 931 more words


Just War and the Orthodox Church

The Orthodox Church does not share the the western Christian theory of “just war”. In Orthodox Perspectives on Peace, War and Violence, Philip LeMasters summarizes the Orthodox position. 692 more words

God And Country

Scholarship Award Luncheon Prayer

Holy God, creator of all, you give your sons and daughters the ability to acquire knowledge and you rejoice when they gain true wisdom. We ask to know the blessing of your presence here this afternoon as we honor these young scholars. 153 more words

God And Country