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Something More Than Dry Old Bones

There is a plethora of “churchy” words that, when invoked, sounds like little more than meaningless jargon in the ears of most people outside of the church. 975 more words

God And Country

Celebration Of Service (3-29-2016)

Not too long ago, I read the following story.

After Being Called ‘Poster of Shame,’ Army Recruiting Sign Tossed for ‘Controversial’ Words of Faith (by Caroline Schaeffer) 385 more words

Such a Time as This

As we click through various “news stories” on the web or watch them on our televisions, and lest we despair as we hear or read of new problems or horrors characterizing our world today, let Christians pause and consider the great opportunity we are being given. 743 more words

God And Country

The Hare, the Bullfrog, and the Long Race

Once upon a time, a bullfrog and a hare found themselves in a race. The bullfrog’s reasons for joining the race were rather nebulous, but it appeared to be mainly because he thought he could win. 519 more words

This And That

Wesley’s Low Opinion of Army Chaplains

As I described in Wesley and the Second Jacobite Rebellion, John Wesley found himself in the city of Newcastle in 1745, the likely target of an attack by a rebel army. 789 more words

God And Country

Wesley and the Second Jacobite Rebellion

In 1745 Charles Edward Stuart arrived in Scotland from France and raised and army in order to invade England. Stuart was the Young Pretender to the thrones of England and Scotland, the grandson of James II who had been deposed by Parliament in the Glorious Revolution of 1688. 1,620 more words

God And Country

Coffee With Stanley Hauerwas

Coffee with Stanley Hauerwas, it’s not something I ever expected to check off my bucket list, but there I was, and there he sat next to me discussing peace, nonviolence and radical discipleship. 1,671 more words