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What Caesar Can't Have: Sermon for October 16, 2016

Note: This is the third and final installment of a sermon series on “Faithful Citizenship”. Please see the previous two posts for the whole series. 1,679 more words


Is There Not a Cause?

2004 is not all that long ago. I recall the manufactured “scandal” by Dan Rather and CBS over George W. Bush’s military records. That broke in September before his re-election to a second term. 287 more words

God And Country

Award Ceremony Invocation

Dear God,

I ask for your blessing on this ceremony, our awardees and all who are gathered with us today. I pray that you will fill each employee with satisfaction at the great work they are doing for the sake of their country. 49 more words

God And Country

A Good Goodness

The world wrestles with its understanding of why Christians feel compelled to do the good deeds that they do.  It is the assumption of some, for example, that Christians “do good” and “shun evil” in order to attain some sort of moral or spiritual sense of superiority over others.  1,001 more words


Old Friends

Our family celebrated matrimonial love with a wedding this past weekend.

An outdoors event.

A hay bales and fire trucks, and barefoot riding-the-bull-afterwards occasion.

Old friends chatted a while before the preacher gathered us in. 12 more words

How I Pray at Military Ceremonies

I offer a lot of public invocations. Here are some brief, practical thoughts on how I approach the task.

Introducing the Prayer. I say why I am offering an invocation and gently invite people to participate in their own way. 838 more words

God And Country

His Name and Remembrance

Summer nears its end with a collage of sights, sounds, and sensations that flood the experience. The lush green of late summer (when it hasn’t been a drought year) is unlike that of any other time of year; flowers gardens are glowing and bugs are buzzing with their busy, end-of-summer drone. 639 more words