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A New Beginning

Today is both a sad and happy day for me. We just dropped my sister off at college – she starts her new life as a freshmen Monday morning. 756 more words


Technology and today's generation

My Aunt came down the for week to spend some time with us. It was really nice, I haven’t seen her since I was a little girl, probably four or five. 589 more words


Mom on the Eighth Floor

It was a year from her diagnosis to her death. Mom was a dynamic, classy, beautiful woman; always sharing her vibrant laughter and contagious smile. She and dad had been married since she was a teenager. 1,528 more words

God And Spirituality

Broken Box Worship

I own an alabaster box with a stone lid, split in half, a crack running the length between the two hinges,  carved in the shape of a shell and standing sturdily on its three feet. 363 more words

How to Shut up for God

(Photo: “Silence” By Scott Pralinsky)

If God spoke aloud to you in an audible voice  – this would be precious, right?

The same is true for the breathed word of God that comes forth through a person.  664 more words

Don't hide

Surrounded by sadness and despair

Why do I have to care?

My heart is wide and open

I want to comfort in the moment

Too many people are sad… 181 more words


Experiencing an Episode

I wish I could more easily explain myself, and my “illness” – it’s not easy to do. I feel like no matter how much I explain, there is so much left unanswered. 664 more words