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Ghosts of the past

If the demographers are to be believed, 500 years on from the reformation New Zealand still has not felt all of its effects onshore or off. 620 more words

New Zealand

Bullied into acting against her beliefs?

I don’t have much patience for bullies. Especially when they turn on an 80-year-old lady.

And last week they did, as it happens. But remarkably, we seem to have gotten the victim and the bullies mixed up, because in this instance we appear to have made the victim feel afraid. 567 more words

Narelle Henson

Why the Bible belongs in schools

Dear Mr Hines and Ms Jacob,

I see you are at it again. Taking on that half hour a week of religious education some Kiwi kids get in Primary School. 566 more words

Narelle Henson

The meaning of Easter

I have always been confused when people describe my faith as a religion. That’s because, at its heart, Christianity is nothing of the sort. It is a relationship – a romance if you will excuse the bluntness. 625 more words

Narelle Henson

The madness of sanity

If there ever was a story that seemed, at first sight, sheer and utter madness, it is the story of Christmas.

One doesn’t have to look very far into the details to realise that. 571 more words

God And Us