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Into the Box, Too

I suppose that with almost 1,700 posts hiding in the dark recesses of Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog, it was inevitable that eventually, I’d sit down to write a post with a topic … and a title … in mind only to find that I’d already written it.  445 more words

Feeling Older

my god box.

Several years ago during a particularly intense therapy session, I was explaining my frustration with trying to change things that were basically unchangeable. My therapist, knowing my need for imagery at the time, suggested I try a god box. 88 more words


Sixth Day of Christmas

New Year’s Eve
The Sixth Day of Christmas

Nothing to distract from the chaos of the Holidays like adding in Another Holiday in the Middle… 398 more words


Drop Your Shoulds in Here

I saw this post today from Louise Hay on Facebook. I was moved by the inclusiveness: not applying should to ourselves nor others. There’s compassion in there and room to be free. 674 more words

A Field from which Rumi is Sending Poetry

Resting allows us to pull back from the material, as it were. Not in denial of its apparent arising, but to quiet down the interpretations on it. 692 more words

God Box- Message for the week-end

Scrie orice griji, preocupari sau dorinte pe o foaie de hartie; pune foaia de hartie intr-un recipient special numit “Cutia lui Dumnezeu”, ca un angajament de a le da drumul si de a lasa Divinitatea sa te ajute.




I remember in my early days of my sobriety the PROMISES (See Past Posts for Depressed Anonymous) were the thing that kept me coming back to the meetings and gave me hope in the power of the 12 steps. 251 more words