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Defining Worship 16

Worship is the activity of the new life of a believer in which, recognizing the fullness of the Godhead as it is revealed in the person of Jesus Christ and His mighty redemptive acts, he seeks by the power of the Holy Spirit to render to the living God the glory, honor, and submission which are His due. 9 more words


Defining Worship 15

Worship is the celebration of being in covenant fellowship with a sovereign and holy Lord God, by means of the expressed commitment of trust and obedience of the covenantal responsibilities, the spontaneous praise and adoration of His Person and work, the memorial reenactment of entering into covenant through sacrificial atonement, with the confident anticipation of the fulfillment of His covenant promises. 18 more words


Defining Worship 12

Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His Name!

—Psalm 96:8


Defining Worship 9

Worship in the Bible is the due response of rational creatures to the self-revelation of their Creator. It is an honoring and glorifying of God by gratefully offering back to Him all the good gifts, and all the knowledge of his greatness and gracious-ness, that He has given. 89 more words


Defining Worship 8

Worship is the echo in the human heart of the excellency and the supremacy of God.

—John Piper, “The Supremacy of God in World Evangelism (Part 1)”


Defining Worship 7

Exactly what is worship? I like King David’s definition. “Oh magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together” (Ps. 34: 3 NASB). 135 more words


‘Sự Lựa Chọn’ Là Gì?—Part 1

What is ‘election’?

‘Ý nghĩa của sự lựa chọn đối với người tin Chúa

‘Phao-lô tìm thấy trong sự nhận thức của tín hữu về sự chọn lựa của mình một ý nghĩa tôn giáo có ba điểm sau: 357 more words

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