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Lectures on Calvinism
Abraham Kuyper

Men are religious in order to conjure the spirits hovering behind the veil of Nature, to free themselves from the oppressive sway of the cosmos.

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Đức Chúa Trời và Sự Cứu Rỗi--12

Tín lý về ân điển quyền năng

‘Tín lý về ân điển quyền năng, hay thuyết Calvin căn bản là về sự vĩ đại và uy nghi của Đức Chúa Trời. 207 more words


Lectures on Calvinism
Abraham Kuyper

Here four mutually dependent fundamental questions arise:

  1. Does Religion exist for the sake of God, or for Man?
  2. Must it operate directly or mediately?
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Calvin on Election and Predestination--Part 3

What did the great theologian Jean (John) Calvin actually say about these doctrines? Below is one teacher’s wrong teachings about Calvin’s theology.

‘Predestination:  Calvin believed that God made faith available as a gift to every person.  764 more words


Forgetting the Corporate in Worship

Free-church Protestants have made worship almost entirely a place of devotional prayer.  In other words, we come to worship expecting a subjective, emotional, and individual experience of God’s presence.  44 more words


Right Worship

A schoolgirl wrote to the Church of England Inquiry Center: “We are doing God this term. Please send me full details and pamphlets.”

—John Stott, … 10 more words


Am I the Center of God's Universe?

“Moralistic therapeutic deism” was a term coined by sociologists to describe the religious beliefs of the average American youth. To break it down simply: moralistic – do good, therapeutic – feel good, deism – God is somehow involved. 624 more words