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Sweet As Syrup: God Eater Resurrection Review

I’m not usually the kind of guy to buy HD remakes of videogames. Sure, it’s always great having an improved version of a game you love, but most remakes feel unnecessary. 2,030 more words

Sweet As Syrup Review

30DayChallenge: Day 10! Favorite Fighter Anime

Okay so what constitutes a fighter anime? Is it physical fighting? Mental fighting? Martial arts?

In googling fighter animes, a number of different genres came up, including Steins Gate, which I wouldn’t really call a fighter anime.. 425 more words


The Hunt is Afoot

For a while I’ve been craving a hunting game. Not a Cabala’s Big Game hunter sort of game but a Monster hunting sort of game. I’ve really enjoyed the Monster Hunter series on the 3DS for a few years I bought the last 2 installments but when Monster Hunter Generations  came out just a few months ago, I wasn’t all that interested in buying it. 363 more words


Throwback Thursday: Win God Eater and God Eater 2!

With Labor Day marking the “unofficial” end of summer, we thought it was a good time to brighten a few days with a rare two-fer giveaway courtesy of the fine folks at Bandai-Namco. 122 more words


God Eater anime review

Welcome one and all to the 2nd anime review and the honor for the anime to be reviewed goes to God Eater. As usual this wont be too detailed as to avoid spoilers but I’ll try to my best to give you a general idea about the show so you can decide whether to watch it or not. 454 more words


Review/discussion about: God Eater

Compasses are basically tiny magnets that are attracted to the magnetic poles of the Earth.

They’re fascinating. They don’t usually look like much – a round casing, some lettered markings, and a red-white dial rotating about the center – but their ability to guide, to lead. 3,037 more words

The Chuuni Corner

So I've Watched God Eater

Adapting video game into an anime (or well, to any visual medium like tv series or movie, really) has always been a tricky business. There’s usually two, most often used, ways to do this. 1,125 more words