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Almost 4 years ago when me and my friends decided to form a running group (3f Striders). At first it was composed of a handful of people (around 10 people). 662 more words

God Girl


I’m a God-girl

I’ve been fighting it for sometime now 118 more words

5 Day Fashion Challenge Day 2

Hello ya’ll! Welcome to day 2 of the 5 day fashion challenge. Today my outfit has lots of colors. It is a pretty flowy floral top that I got recently. 79 more words


God's Minute

At the end of 2016, I graduated from college, hopeful and 99.99% sure (0.01% unsure because I had some Netflix to catch up on) I was going to get a job in less than two months. 642 more words



Back to the Garden.

Eve was the first woman, first wife, and first mother. We know her as the MOTHER OF ALL THE LIVING. And even though these are rather remarkable, little else is known about Eve. 975 more words


Reflections: The Girl God Saw, Hagar's Story

Genesis 16 & 21:9-21

New to the Bible? That’s okay! This is why Unexpected exists. I encourage you to read the above passages. If there are more than one or you want to split it up between a few days, great! 1,102 more words

Bible Study

God Always Comes Through

Hello. My name is Ife and I’m an enthusiastic accountant; like, numbers literally give me an unexplainable joy. I’m about to share a little story with you about one time God came through for me. 664 more words