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The Ruddy Duck and the New Instagram Logo??

Ruddy Duck

It is a struggle for me to figure out how it is that the Ruddy Duck and the new “Instagram Logo” exist in the same world. 486 more words

God In Creation

more conversations . . .

My days – filled. My conversations – rich.

My moments – mixed.

Some moments find me running head long into the darkness of life. Pouring much of myself, our church’s resources, people and prayers into an impoverished neighborhood school filled with children from families stuck in the chains of socio-economic poverty. 327 more words

God In Creation

What the Flower Taught

The assignment was to write about a flower. Of course, I had to make it didactic. This time I used limerick form throughout.

A woman who lived in her head… 148 more words


The Promise of Spring

It’s always a toss-up here in Nebraska when Spring Break falls in early March as to whether our kids will be playing in the snow or enjoying true spring weather. 370 more words

Great Soup in Honor of Fallen Giantess

Golden Soup for the Day that the Tree Fell

It wasn’t planned, the falling of the tree that is.

It just happened that I made this wonderful soup on this day that the tree fell. 556 more words

God In Relationships

God Questions Job

In this next series of articles, I’d like to look at the questions the Lord asked Job in the Book of Job. We should prepare ourselves for a humbling, challenging ride. 973 more words

God Questions Job