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Seeking God in His Creation


Through Him all things were made; without Him

nothing was made that has been made. (John 1:3)


She lived in Texas on flat lands with short, scraggly trees.  420 more words

Meditations On God's Word

peace has landed . . .

Sounds of late spring are noisy today . . .

Powerful south winds are tossing large branches to and fro across the top of our magnificent pecan tree. 504 more words

God In Creation

Do Not Be Afraid If God Is Not What You Expected

When we are young, we are taught to believe certain things about God— about what we can see, feel, understand.

When, in fact, God is beyond our senses or our understanding. 661 more words

All of Us, all the families of the Earth!

..and in you all of the families of the earth shall be blessed. Gen. 12:3

God loves the world so much that the Holy One, continues to give us the gift of Jesus,  whose life and death… 2,309 more words

God In Relationships

The Fingerprint of God

One of the ways God reveals himself to us is through His creation – everything we see around us in the natural world, including our own bodies. 418 more words


Psalm 147: Twelve Reasons to Praise God

Psalm 147 is the second of the hallelujah psalms that bring the book of the Psalms to a close. It enumerates many reasons to praise our God, any one of which is sufficient reason unto itself, 497 more words