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In Light of Paris

This weekend, we watched in horror as the terrible news from Paris unfolded. It’s hard to understand how people could choose to cause such suffering and pain in the lives of others. 482 more words


Act the boldness that God has given you. Don’t be afraid of what people may say, because the One who sent you is with you. He won’t humiliate you with the commandment He gives you, He will use it to glorify His name. 67 more words

God Is Able

Dear Single People,

“He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the Lord” (Psalm 113:9, NIV).

This post is not about parenting but I believe it captures what I want to talk about. 479 more words


Numbers 13- What do you see...

Good evening y’all. Today we are studying Numbers 13.

Be blessed :)

12 spies were sent to explore the same land but they came back with different reports. 348 more words

Women Living Well

Do You Believe That God is Able?

Do you believe that God is able to do anything, to take care of everything, to provide for all of your needs? If not, why not? 190 more words



The limitless ability of God is beyond what I can wrap my brain around. However, just because I can’t understand something doesn’t mean it isn’t true.  334 more words

Just A Minute


The very best way to possess your promised land is to rest. Worry is wasted energy. Striving is useless. Resting is powerful. It is being fully persuaded that God is able, willing and faithful do what He has promised.  125 more words

Just A Minute