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1 Samuel 17; 1 Chronicles 2; Acts 12

Miracle or coincidence? Throughout history there has always been and will always be conflict between our human nature and God’s sovereignty. This passage in 1 Samuel is special to me. 615 more words

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Daily Video Devotional - 4/26/16

I said I wasn’t going to do a video devotional everyday but since I’m in training all week, it’s easier to do (on these days). I won’t do them everyday because then you’ll get burnt out on seeing my face (lol). 41 more words

Daily Devotional

5 Years On: Grief. Acceptance. Life

First off, THERE IS A GOD!!!

I would not be here without Him. I literally owe all that I am to Him. He lifted me from the depths of the grave, revived the dead parts of my being, gave me His peace and fiercely loved on me. 682 more words


The Kingdom of God

The good thing about family is the favorite uncle.
The one that makes you laugh and hugs you when you cry. He is everything that you need all rolled into one. 291 more words

Why Do We Pray, Saying, "Who Art in Heaven"?

There is one part of the Lord’s Prayer that I never really understood. Not that I fully understand every part of what is the most glorious blueprint for prayer, mind you, but I never quite followed why Jesus wanted his disciples to pray, “…Who art in heaven.” 453 more words

Facing trails

The young believer who inspired the people to read the Bible, started to disciple those people. He made sure they slotted into a church with a good support structure and can help them learn more about themselves and Christ. 133 more words

God Is Good