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1. The snow is gone, apart from in the mountains! And it is too hot to wear knitwear outside during the day (but still nice in the morning…). 245 more words

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Wait a second. If God could walk physically on earth whenever he wanted , why couldn’t he just use the same venue of physical being to come down here 2000 years ago? 371 more words


Proof #2 that God doesn't exist

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Proof #2 – Statistically analyze prayer

The fact is, God never answers any prayers. The entire idea that “God answers prayers” is an illusion created by human imagination. 1,299 more words


Proof #1 that God doesn't exist

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Proof #1 – Try praying

How might we prove that God is imaginary? One way would be to find a contradiction between the definition of God and the God we experience in the real world. 2,030 more words


Sam Harris versus God and the Japan Earthquake

Sam Harris has considered the comments frequently heard about God and the Japan Earthquake and is quoted as follows:
“Either God can do nothing to stop catastrophes like this, or he doesn’t care to, or he doesn’t exist. 471 more words

Perspectives Of God

Proof #47

Contemplate creation

Many Christians look at our universe, and especially life on planet Earth, and come to the conclusion that what we see is “irreducible complexity.” In the Christian view, the complexity of our universe and life on earth requires an intelligent creator to bring everything into existence.

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Good day and goodnight.

Greetings and welcome to the God is Dying blog.

The purpose of this blog is purely to express my own opinion in a way that will influence believers and non-believers alike to question their beliefs and systems of faith, instead of blindly following inherited paradigms. 57 more words