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PS2 Review - God of War II

Release Date: April 27th 2007

As I’ve written before, the first God of War game was excellent. Naturally, a sequel was right around the corner, and a franchise was born. 964 more words


The Two Main Groups of Action Combat Mechanics and Their Uses

Like any self respecting obsessive, I like to plonk stuff into categories. I’ve been thinking lately about action games, and how I think most fit into one of two main groups, which I like to call “Loose” and “Solid”. 635 more words

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The Reason Jenny Does Our Cosplay Articles Instead of Watson

When Jenny does her wonderful cosplay feature every day, we get amazing images like the one above.  What would get if Watson took over the column?   20 more words


Breaking Out of the Gamer's Rut

At this point in time, I am a good five hours into the my first play through of the first God of War game. Just as a side note, I am playing the HD Remaster on PS3 and not the original PS2 version. 726 more words


Analyzing Hellenism in popular culture: God of War

We live in an era where being a “gamer” is now an identity. Video game “culture” is not just not my cup of tea, but also something I partly oppose. 607 more words

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Do We Love or Hate Remastered Games?

Your favorite game developer is announcing a new project! What could it be?! A whole new world of fun and merriment full of new characters and rich gameplay?? 659 more words