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Must play PS4 Exclusives

So you bought a PS4 recently or plan to buy a PS4 soon, here are some must-have titles for you to consider picking up along with the system. 963 more words


My Favorite Games of E3 2017

by Matthew Thompson

After a week of taking in all the conferences, demonstrations, interviews and trailers that I could from E3 2017, I am ready to talk about what stood out from gaming’s biggest show this time around. 1,666 more words


Is There More to Kratos’s Son Than Meets the Eye?

We’ve seen 2 trailers for the upcoming God of War game, and of course they both look fantastic.

We know that Kratos is now somewhere in Scandinavian territory, we know he has a son, and we know that his previously god-like power has diminished since we saw him take down the gods of Olympus. 768 more words


XCOM 2: Sequels & Failure

I’ve put something like 40-ish hours into XCOM 2 so far, and I still haven’t finished my first campaign. Partially this may be because I suck – so I play half a battle, get destroyed, have to reload the battle and start again. 1,147 more words

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Top 5 Games of E3 2017

I’m not too sure if I’m in the minority with this opinion, but I personally felt that E3 2017 was a little disappointing, when comparing it to the bombastic showcases of yesteryear. 1,541 more words


Top 4 PlayStation E3 Highlights

There were some things at E3 this year that won’t be memorable, but there were some things that some of us are really excited about. This is the top four things to take away from PlayStation’s E3 event. 284 more words

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E3 2017: The Games I Want Arrive in 2018

The annual celebration of all things videogames wrapped up in Los Angeles on June 15 and videogames are yet again going to new heights! Games such as… 485 more words