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Zombie Chariot

Realization like a laser finds me reaching out again,
my arms frozen,
outstretched like a zombie,
still blind,
but trying to take back the reins. … 49 more words

The Sunday Driver: Life In The Slow Lane

The Word Within (4/4)


Joel S Goldsmith

43:A The Word Within (4/4)

We speak of God, we speak of the Christ, little knowing how real these are; how real in power, how real in presence, how real in effect. 2,683 more words


A Great Deal On Treatment (4/6)

1953 First New York Practitioner Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
45B – A Great Deal on Treatment (4/6)

In other words the opposite sense, “Father forgive them they know not what they do.” I can imagine the Master saying that of Judas and of Peter, but I can’t imagine him sitting down the next day and spending a day at meals or games or instruction with Judas or Peter. 1,686 more words


The Nature of Spiritual Power

From – Realization of Oneness
By Joel Goldsmith
Page 197

The Nature of Spiritual Power

We are all hypnotized to some extent by the belief that there are good powers and bad powers, spiritual powers and material powers. 325 more words