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The time is right for a female US president. 

The final presidential ‘debate’, thankfully the last set piece in a wretched campaign, revealed what is admirable and loathsome in American politics. Hillary Clinton displayed a razor-sharp intelligence and a quick wit. 109 more words

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Even in defeat, Trump will pose a clear and present danger to America. - Robert Reich. 

​Trump’s parting gift to America is to undermine our faith in democratic institutions. “It’s one big fix,’’ Trump said yesterday afternoon in Greensboro, N.C. “This whole election is being rigged.’’ He’s claiming Democrats are planning to load up buses of minorities to vote several times in different areas, that boxes of Clinton votes are already waiting somewhere, that Mexicans are primed to rush across the border to vote, and that the media isn’t reporting any of this because it’s been “bought.” 68 more words

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Robert De Niro on Trump. Video. 

“It makes me so angry that this fool, this bozo, has ended up where he has.”


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How Trump Happened. Joseph Stiglitz.

Why would Americans be playing Russian roulette, for that is what even a one-in-six chance of a Trump victory means?

It is no surprise that Trump finds a large, receptive audience when he says the state of the economy is rotten. 91 more words

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Trump threatens to jail Clinton as he fights dirty to keep campaign alive. 

The Dying Dog’s Last Stand.

A cornered Donald Trump prowled the presidential debate stage on Sunday, threatening to jail an opponent he called “the devil” in a last-ditch bid to staunch his hemorrhaging campaign hopes. 46 more words

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American Society is Hooked on Violence. 

Public Schools in the US are Legally Beating Children at an Alarming Rate. Thousands of Kids are Left Injured.

A new report, analyzing data from the U.S. 136 more words

God Save America!