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Senator Feinstein Just Hinted Trump Is Headed Towards Impeachment

You just looked white as a ghost yesterday when you came out of that meeting. And we don’t know what’s happening. But we know that he is breaking laws everyday. 264 more words

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Dangerously Unhinged - Robert Reich.

By this point in his Presidency, Barack Obama had passed a $831 billion stimulus bill. By early April his first federal budget had passed both chambers of Congress, laying the groundwork for his overhauls of health care and government spending on education. 184 more words

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How Donald Trump Could Build an Autocracy in the U.S. - David Frum. 

How to Build an Autocracy.

The preconditions are present in the U.S. today. Here’s the playbook Donald Trump could use to set the country down a path toward illiberalism. 8,153 more words


Whiff of fascism on the wind - Bryan Gould.

The epithets “fascist” and “Nazi” are, in some quarters, tossed about so casually as to have lost most of their meaning. But that should not lead us to think the behaviours they might describe are things of the past. 664 more words

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Trump presidency ushers in a new age of militarism - Ishaan Tharoor. 

There’s a facile contention that US President Donald Trump – hostile to free trade pacts and sceptical of grand military alliances – is an isolationist, an advocate of American retreat and retrenchment on the global stage. 840 more words

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Trump Profits Directly From US Taxpayers - Robert Reich. 

Barely a month into the Trump presidency, the elaborate lifestyle of America’s new first family is costing U.S. taxpayers far beyond what’s been typical for past presidents — a price tag that’s ballooning. 441 more words

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