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The Long Trump Haul - Paul Krugman. 

Nobody who thought Trump would be a disaster should change his or her mind because he won the election. He will, in fact, be a disaster on every front. 186 more words

God Save America!

The Standing Rock protests are a taste of things to come - Kate Aronoff. 

Horrific scenes have been coming out of North Dakota these last several days, where the battle is ongoing to stop the Dakota Access pipeline. On Sunday night, police turned tear gas and rubber bullets on hundreds of unarmed “water protectors”, as those taking on the pipeline prefer to be called. 138 more words

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The Republican Deficit Hawks Abandon Their Religion - Dean Baker. 

Remember all those times the Republicans in Congress shut down the government and threatened to default on the debt? The ostensible cause was the out of control deficit. 107 more words

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Trading On False Promises: Trump Trashes The American Dream - Joseph Stiglitz. 

US President-elect Donald Trump has announced a big building programme of schools, roads and hospitals. How is he going to do that while cutting back on government spending, as promised? 203 more words

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How Donald Trump could bankrupt America - Emma Reynolds.

9 Trillion in tax cuts while spending up large on infrastructure and likely another military excursion or two. How’s that gonna work Trump?

Donald Trump has long cultivated an aura of unadulterated success, but those who scratch beneath the surface find a different story. 528 more words

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Mayors of 'sanctuary cities' in the US say they will fight Donald Trump's plans for mass deportations. 

Democratic mayors of major US cities have pledged to protect residents from deportation, despite President-elect Donald Trump’s vows to withhold potentially millions of dollars in taxpayer money if they do not co-operate. 61 more words

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How the left should respond to Donald Trump - Josie Pagani. 

Nearly everyone I went to school with in a working class part of rural England voted for Brexit. Everyone I went to university with voted to remain in Europe. 248 more words

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