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An honest Republican's view. Jeff Flake's full speech.

Mr. President, I rise today to address a matter that has been much on my mind, at a moment when it seems that our democracy is more defined by our discord and our dysfunction than it is by our values and our principles. 2,342 more words

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President Donald Trump, Unbridled and Extreme Present Hedonism - Philip Zimbardo and Rosemary Sword.

In Donald Trump, we have a frightening Venn diagram consisting of three circles: the first is extreme present hedonism; the second, narcissism; and the third, bullying behavior. 1,292 more words

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The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President - Bandy Lee, MD.D., M.DIV.

Our Witness to Malignant Normality


Concerning malignant normality, we start with an assumption that all societies, at various levels of consciousness, put forward ways of viewing, thinking, and behaving that are considered desirable or “normal.” 6,234 more words

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Public Choice Theory. The idea that climate scientists are in it for the cash has deep ideological roots - Graham Readfearn. 

Author and academic Nancy MacLean says cynicism about the motives of public servants, including government-backed climate scientists, can be traced to a group of neoliberals and their ‘toxic’ ideas. 1,045 more words

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From 9/11 to Humpty Dumpty - Roger Cohen. 

I watched my president perforate at the Pentagon and all I could think as he held forth about heroism on the 16th anniversary of 9/11 was how did we end up with Humpty Dumpty. 834 more words

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THE REBUKE OF HISTORY. The Southern Agrarians and American conservative thought - Paul V Murphy. 

In November 1980 the prophets returned to Nashville, Tennessee, to be honored. Vanderbilt University hosted a symposium honoring the Southern Agrarians on the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of I’ll Take My Stand: The South and the Agrarian Tradition (1930). 1,255 more words

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