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'Tis a Gift

Here we are, the week after Thanksgiving and we’re already elbow-deep in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.  Fortunately for me, I have a week off.   1,035 more words

God Sightings

God Sightings~

There’s a question I ask the middle school youth with whom I get to spend many Sunday evenings:  “Where did you see God this past week?”   We’ve come to call these “God Sightings” and I cherish their trust in sharing their experiences with me.   477 more words

Seeing the sublime


Many years ago I started telling our children bedtime stories. It was great fun to make up fanciful stories about far away places. 549 more words

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Why worry?

Not too long ago, a web ad caught my eye. It was something like: The Twelve Things Everyone Worries About. The thought that crossed my mind was, “Why twelve? 917 more words

In Media Vita

Frustrations and the Holy Spirit's fruit

From the archives:

I went to the bank to make a deposit some time ago. There was only one teller on duty at this small branch. 739 more words

A Sojourner's Heartsong

Being a Blessing

From the archives:

Back in 1981, while I was still in school in Lubbock, Texas, I received an invitation to preach at a small, country congregation. 686 more words

A Sojourner's Heartsong

Yes. God answers prayer—again!

We were saddened to see the moving van in our backyard neighbor’s driveway. We had never been close to her, but, since she was widowed shortly after we moved into her neighborhood, we had tried to keep an eye on her. 549 more words

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