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Run Away

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine from 23 years ago posted on Facebook that she was thinking of running away and starting over. She just needed a change of scenery and to be able to breathe again. 705 more words

God Things

Reflections on Easter Sunday

Today I spoke to somebody who told me that if they spoke about the fact that they loved Jesus in their home country, they and their family would not only be oppressed – they would be executed. 353 more words

Life Notes

the time I decided to blog...

I have a very sweet friend that told me I was meant for great things. She was actually echoing several sweet friends that I have ignored over the years. 268 more words


Why Do You Go to Church?

I’ve noticed recently that a good number of people at the church I attend have been pretty much mentally absent while being physically present at our services.   194 more words

God Things

Way to go, Me

A few weeks ago we were headed to school.  While we were discussing something that The Kid’s class was doing, I told him, “Don’t be scared to ask for help, okay?”  Immediately I thought to MYSELF, “Derp.   844 more words

God Things

Washed in the Blood

I feel confident in saying that most of you who are reading my blog posts know I was raised Methodist. If you didn’t know before, you do now! 904 more words

God Things

Easter & H20-Proof Mascara

Happy Easter, everyone!!

We had some great Easter services at Fusion Church of Madison on Sunday. There were so many people at both services as is “the norm” on Easter. 785 more words

God Things