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We All Have a Story

I am going off the beaten path today, because I have something on my heart and I’m feeling inspired! Will you join me on a journey to explore the importance of story? 1,050 more words


"If anyone asks, ‘What are you doing?’ say ... " ~Jesus

Jesus gives me a job to do. It may not make sense.

My job is to do it. When asked, my answer should be “Jesus, my Master, has asked me to do X.” 94 more words

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In God We Trust - Yes, But Which One?

Money is an interesting commodity.

It’s amazing how much power a small green piece of paper has over our lives. The power of acquiring new things and providing for our well-being is essential to security in life. 825 more words

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“Why are you giving this woman a hard time?" ~Jesus

Why do I give others a hard time? Why do I get furious with them? What have they done to deserve it? Who am I putting a show on for? 340 more words

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The Good in Network Marketing.

When someone says “Network marketing” what do you immediately think?

If you were like me, then you probably cringe a bit and try to stay as far away as possible! 281 more words

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"Do you love me more than these?” ~Jesus

Once again, Jesus is very direct. No beating around the bush.

Jesus knew that Peter loved him. Even when he denied knowing Jesus, Jesus knew, in his core, that Peter loved him. 97 more words

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