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There Are Three Things I Have Never Understood

1.) God

2.) Those who believe in him

3.) Those who don’t


Emotional Pain

Lord I have so much pain. Emotional pain. I ask that you heal me. Heal me of the emotional baggage and pain I’ve been carrying around. 59 more words

Major Disaster Requires God, Groceries, Gold, Guns, Garden!

From & by Don Boys, Aug 2015

I’m not certain that some rogue nation will explode an EMP device over the U.S. knocking out all electronics including automobiles, cell phones, air travel, radio and television stations, computers, etc., or that a natural solar storm will accomplish the same thing. 1,263 more words


Religion: Will The Whole Earth Burn?

Some think that that the whole earth will burn when it comes to the what the bible say in prophesy, however, revelation is a compress version of what the prophets predicted in the Torah. 700 more words


Battle Lost or Won?

In one perspective, one might believe that I succumbed to weakness and lost my battle. Alternatively, one might believe that I chose a seemingly losing option, to conquer something else. 418 more words

Experiencing pain is okay

I was laying in bed last night, attempting to fall asleep, when I was suddenly overwhelmed with sadness and heartache. It was seemingly unexpected, but deep down I knew it was a result of trying to minimize how I’ve really been feeling these past few weeks. 1,071 more words