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Becoming Myself 

Becoming yourself is a beautiful, crazy, messy journey filled with tears, heartaches and laughter.

It took me while to realize that through the ups and downs, God was slowly shaping the woman I am today. 117 more words

"Stigmata" in Psaltery & Lyre

Belief and doubt are topics I return to again and again, so I was excited to discover the beautiful journal Psaltery & Lyre, which focuses on these issues.


Can I Get a Witness???

By Joseph Diop

Copyright © 2017 by Joseph Diop

Did you know?? Do you realize?? Has it dawned on you yet?? Sin begins where the will of God ends, and “My will” takes over. 1,054 more words

Christian Dynamics


How can one believe there is nothing after we are put in the ground?

The 4 Gospels

The Lord Jesus Christ is a wonderful person. The more you seek to know Him, the more you realize that He is unsearchably rich (Eph. 3:8).  985 more words


~Knowing Pain~NJM~

Emotional harm, Physical waste

Uneasy feeling bitter taste

Fastidious fear cry your last tear

Instigate Trifling

Presence so stifling

Negligent actions

Daunting infractions

Militant persuasion… 63 more words

Bipolar Disorder