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Spend some time on your spiritual wellness

Recently we have been going through all the different types of wellness and the importance of balancing them throughout your life. What’s more important in our Jesuit school, though, than giving our spiritual wellness some thought? 326 more words



Originally wrote 8th March 2016

Weep Weep all you people
Weep for the LORD is coming
In Judgment

You seek Him here
You seek Him there… 241 more words


Is Your God a Devil?

Source: New Dawn, via: new illuminati | by Richard Smoley

It is one of the most familiar and reassuring lines in scripture: “The Lord is my shepherd.” But when you think about it, the metaphor is a disturbing one. 2,030 more words


The Armor of God (OMWUNRA-TOQURA: South Tairora Bible NT)

OMWUNRA-TOQURA: South Tairora Bible NT

Ephesians (Epesaasi) 6:10-18

10 Qio nte ntena qua taiqa kyarera hina mwitaa tirerave: Kepukyaqama kye variqi quata. Nkyeta kepukya mwia qaqira kyeta tiri vunyaa vaisi mwia kepukya nraahu vareqata kepukyaqamavi variqi quata. 218 more words


Love and Worship...

​We were made for love

And when humans love

We truly worship!

Why do we

Lavish our devotion

Upon mere mortals?

Fragile hearts crushed.

Love not reciprocated. 33 more words



How the blood runs down the legs of the Divine
and drips from his toes.

There he hangs,
more real than the break of day. 69 more words


Jesus in school

I do not know the exact moment, but I became courageous about sharing Jesus in college than I had before. I have felt that I have been given many opportunities to write about Jesus in many of my classes. 321 more words