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When God Create You


When God created you
A thought must have struck him
He must have thought what gift he can give you
So he created me


Ms Safirah Irani


A touchy subject for sure ... GOD (or as I sometimes call him... THE BIG Dude)

It sure is a touchy subject for many as you never know what to expect.  Nope, I don’t go to church. When I mention that I do not go to church, most people ask me if I’m an atheist? 890 more words


As you read your Bible-ask yourself these questions.

Do I know what this means? If not ask, God will give you wisdom.

Am I living it? 104 more words


Rewind Wednesday - Healthy Christian Criticism

Have you ever wondered what healthy Christian criticism looks like in regards to video games? I know that often I have been guilty of intentionally writing a negative review from the outset. 453 more words


The Sobering Truth About Faith

“There is no absolute truth; there is no ultimate purpose to life.”

Statements like these have become a sort of modern-day mantra. And if such sentiments weren’t so sad, they’d be funny. 1,978 more words

New Testament Letter

Follower of the Month and April Fools day!

Hello everyone!

Today is the first of April, meaning that my first Follower of the Month will be announced! Keep reading to find out who it is! 319 more words


With Easter right around the corner I decided to sit down and read about Christ’s last few days before the cross.  As I began to read in Luke 19 I was taken back by these words of Christ, … 391 more words