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You are always either dead and saved, or an Angel.

The way I think about myself often goes like this:I am not good enough.I don’t understand.Why does this always happen to me.I’m trying my best.Are you there God?I find in meditation that I am constantly pleading for the circumstances of my life to be easy and pain free.And so I am constantly creating a future that is uncertain and a past that is at fault.I worry.This morning I asked God to – sort of show me what I look like.I saw that I am always either alive in a future already redeemed by Jesus; resplendent and pure in both body and mind, or I am an Angel; a soul present in Earth at this time, in this particular body and form, aware that this body is on loan, able to exercise the authority of my soul to shape the world around me by being conscious that I am a soul and being aware of the thoughts I use to create the life around me.I am always either a heavenly being, already victorious eternally – or an angel here on Earth, interacting with it with this knowledge in mind.It changes how see myself, moment to moment – and gives me the Power to choose Happiness in the midst of everything else.


“god save us it is, which is as victory, the Greek Artist, without for its hind Legs are on that “experimental methods by Christian Governments at the Race. 347 more words


The Shepherd of my Soul

God is my shepherd.

There is an intimate bond between the Shepherd and the sheep. God is the Shepherd of His people in the Bible. There are God-appointed shepherds also to lead His people. 165 more words

The insanity of pride: Daniel 4

Today’s reading: Daniel 4-6.

Nebuchadnezzar should have known better. He had witnessed the power of God in the lives of Daniel and his friends repeatedly. He even praised the God of Daniel for his works. 472 more words

Bible In One Year Devotional

Bloom & Boom

When you plant a seed, whatever it plant it may be, it grows with the right natural elements such as sunlight and water. You can also buy things to help like Miracle-Gro. 579 more words