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Everlasting Love.

{For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life -John 3:16} 539 more words


Four Seasons

And I am all alone
This broken cold floor is a replica of my soul
My hands share my agony
As I try to cover up my tragedy… 227 more words


Is self-harm a sin?

Is cutting/self-harm a sin? How do I stop?

A similar question was submitted last year, so you can check out the information in the blogposts listed below that may help you process through this question: 441 more words


How I Long for Your Emerald Eyes

Oh how I long for your emerald eyes that spy the essence of my soul!
Oh how I yearn for your gently strong touch that makes my heart burn! 142 more words


Truth about Forgiveness & Other People's Shit💩~

The truth about forgiveness and other peoples shit.

I recently had an opportunity to interact in a racial discussion. Not such a big secret.

As with all things labeled “race” tensions can often times run high. 961 more words

Human Behavior

{who would I be}

Who would I be, if I wasn’t in this family?

Who would I be, if I didn’t have the friends I do?

Who would I be, if I didn’t know the God I know? 120 more words

He sits enthroned.

In Psalm 29, David spends a lot of time talking about “the voice” of the Lord, and that would be worthy for another blogpost.  My attention was drawn, however, to the last two lines: 246 more words