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How to Buy Domain Name for Cheap with Free Extras Worth $80

A domain name is the identity of your website and business. Buying a domain name will be very easy and there are many domain registrars are available in web. 31 more words

Elf In Real Life: The Importance Of Mindfulness

Last week I was served an inedible sandwich at Wendy’s. The horror. I took it back and complained, and I was given an edible sandwich–but not what I ordered, and zero apology. 479 more words

Mapping a subdomain to your own wordpress.com blog

雖然早在去年就已經到GoDaddy.com買了新的Domain Name

但今天終於把wp-blog.tonyhao.net這個subdomain mapping到這裡

原本的tonyhao.tw已經在2015-02-21到期了, 而我也不想續了


而且是我的第一個Domain Name, 多少有些情感…XD



1.費用問題: .tw Domain的費用真的比Top-level Domain(.com .net .org …etc)貴很多! 53 more words


I Have A Big Problem

I am havin’ quite a bit of difficulty gettin’ Facebook and a couple other sites to play nice with my free host. It seems that most social network sites consider Byethost malicious and/or abusive and refuse to connect. 165 more words


Super Bowl Winners 2015, Part 2 (Chapters 7, 9, 10)

Every year, companies question if advertising on the Super Bowl is worth the $4.5 million it cost in 2015. A brief article in Ad Age highlighted the winners based on purchase consideration boost, word-of-mouth boost, growth in Facebook fans, and growth in Twitter Followers. 280 more words

Chapter 07

Pentaho Kettle MySQL Connection Errors

It’s been a minute.

I’ve been working on a number of personal projects recently and have not taken the time to document my development. I’ve learned a ton about everything from JavaScript, to ETL software Pentaho Kettle, to MySQL and Python and feel like now might be a good time to recap some of the issues I ran into during my development and also the solutions I found/devised as workarounds. 887 more words

Pentaho Kettle

Creating my Website

I looked at other people’s photos on sites like 500px and flickr and thought why not me. I would like to show off my photos also. 494 more words