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Divine Masculinity and Femininity (Pt. 2)

When Demeter goes to the human world, she is attempting to find a new community in which to be secure; however, she is a goddess among mortals, so no one understands her and she fails to find security. 544 more words


Final Thoughts on Goddess Project

So the four weeks of Goddess project are finished! It’s gone by in a flash but before I sum it up, here are the final journeys from Artemis Week. 337 more words


Sekhmet by Tony Single & Tetiana Aleksina

“Tell me all about yourself.”

I want to kill it. I want to hunt it, take it down and fucking eat it. I just… I just can’t tell which part is the meat and which is the stick. 755 more words


Dance of the White Goddess

I created this video in Celebration of the Priestesses of the Sholar (Guardians of the Holy Hosts) as they will gathering in the Inner at the basin of the waterfalls that stream from the sacred Mount of Wai’ale’ale on September 26th, 2015, three days before the Blood Moon Eclipse. 94 more words

Crystal Skulls

Circling the Hearth

I   remember when I used to give my little ones stacks of pots and pans with cooking utensils to bang on them with. Nothing like a 15 month-old toying around with an improvised set of drums. 1,275 more words

Pagan Parenting

Buried Artifact

(La-Venere-di Milo: internet photo)

Silt shifts; like a silk dress in a breeze,
creamy folds expose buried artifacts of a restless spirit.
Nubile naked truths tease. 31 more words


Hecate puppet urges

These are the ones I’ve already made:

This is Lady Olivia – one of the founders of the Fellowship of Isis, she couldn’t be at one of our Heirophant consecrations so she came and read the Manifesto. 128 more words