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night sky

night sky beguiling
starry music to my soul
Nut‘s letter outline
read history yet to come
remembrance of ancient times 23 more words


Freyja Scandinavian Fire Goddess

 Freja (1905) by John Bauer (1882–1918)

Freyja means Lady or Mistress, also known as Freya.

Freyja is the Scandinavian fire goddess of love,fertility, lust, beauty, wealth, gold as well as being a witch skilled in magick and enchantment. 523 more words


Bella Donna

You love to hate her

Her poisonous smile aches your heart

But once you’re in her claws

There is no depart

Her glance, Her smile, Her voice… 75 more words


The Forgotten Moon

We have all read and heard of the Triple Goddess. What about the Fourth?

The moon has four main phases, the seasons number four, the sabbats can be divided into four groups and it goes on on. 643 more words


How I Met My Twin Flame

*For privacy reasons, I will refer to my TF as Adam.

I’m 24 years old. Three months fresh out of a three year-long on and off relationship. 1,907 more words

Abraham Hicks

Attachment vs. Detachment

Attachment- 1. the condition of being attached to something or someone 2. Affection or sympathy for someone or something. 3. An affectionate relationship between two people… 593 more words