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Musings on Morning Prayers

There are two ways to go about the morning for someone who is not burdened by the bottleneck throttling pace of being in the rat race each day. 585 more words


I went to see The Last Jedi this weekend, maybe for the second and last time before it leaves theaters. Yes, I love Star Wars, but I wouldn’t say I’m someone who loses myself in fantasy worlds to the detriment of being fully present here and now. 915 more words


There’s a light hanging over me

There’s a beam running way down

Turning sorrow to ecstasy

As the dust comes to life

See the shape of Your heart… 54 more words


Yoni Worship. An Ancient Tantric Practice.

The Tantra path of Yoni worship has been lost for centuries, and when not lost.. .hidden.

The Yoni is a temple. The Divine Feminine energy, the essence of Shakti, can be worshiped or connected to through Yoni meditation or Yoni gazing. 90 more words


Wind Horse, Lightning Horse, Water Horse and the Mari Lwyd Horse

Winged horses combines the sacred animism symbolism of the Soul (bird wings) in the form of earth element (movements of the horse) and the chthonian (underworld) animal of psychopomp (retrieving the sol from the underworld) for purifying karma and spiritual elevation. 10,449 more words


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On the Druid path

As you might already know, I am following the Druid path.

I enrolled for the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) back in 2015 and I went through crazy times (family health issues, as well as professional ones) which caused me to place the course on standby. 318 more words

Good Fences: How to Set Healthy Boundaries and Maintain Your Sanity

Having and enforcing healthy boundaries has become the topic of many conversations in my world lately. It seems like we’re all trying to get a handle on what is or isn’t okay with us and how to communicate that to other people. 827 more words