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Lady of Empowerment

A well-kept maiden, a goddess.

She is the brightness in the dark, and the darkness in the light.

She is enchanting, yet bedazzling.

Her name is Malitung Yawa Sinagmaling Diwata (a long name that translates to “enchanting demoness, bedazzling goddess” from the ancient Philippine dialect of Kiniray-a), the Philippine Visayan goddess of lust, demons, and empowerment. 151 more words


Healing The Sacred Feminine!

It’s been a while that the goddess was honoured.  Now that we’ve risen again, there is a lot of clearing, healing and purification to do. 603 more words

Super Success


The first mention of goddess Aditi is found in Rigveda, she is described as Devamatri, swabhavat. She is frequently implored for blessing children and cattle for protection and forgiveness. 85 more words

ViSaya [विषय]

Sweet, aching Balance

There is a strange and often unsettling balance of the eternal Yin and Yang that occurs when a deep understanding of self permeates your existence. While you feel an enlightement within  your very being, externally you could be punched, kicked, battered, bruised, strangled and abused and in an odd moment of acceptance at your outward mistakes, you allow the blows to come in a furious flurry because if it means that you stay on your path then you’ll take it. 352 more words


The Creator

I’d like to explain why I always refer to God as ‘the Creator’.  When I was young, I struggled to understand who or what God is, commonly depicted in my childhood experience as an elderly man with long white hair, beard, pinkish skin and blue eyes, wearing a long white gown like a bedsheet with bare feet.  859 more words


Unlocking the Codes Within

Yesterday morning I received images and messages in my mind’s eye. It was about unlocking the encoded messages within. It revealed to me that what I bring through is actually encoded messages written within me (and within all of us), and it’s why I could never identify with channeling beings or entities with names and places that we assign meaning to from the past, or from the known world. 277 more words

Spiritual Transformation