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Juvenile Nike


There is Nike, juvenile,

in anger and crying,

after, from the mouth of a preacher,

“You’re  mother is going to hell,

you cannot save her.” 34 more words

Dark Goddesses

I sat reading and dreaming

Of dark goddesses of old

Hags at the crossroads

Winged harbingers of death

Warriors, graveyard crones

Devouring mouths agape

Fearful women who went through… 136 more words


The History of the Church of Sardis

Sardis, located at the foot of Mount Tmolus, is 51 kilometers (32 miles) from Pergamos and 44 kilometers (27 miles) from Philadelphia (Alasehir). The city and surrounding area was watered by the river Pactolus. 601 more words

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The History of the Church of Ephesus


On Paul’s second mission tour, he visited Ephesus after leaving Corinth, and evidently planted the church there (Acts 18:19). Ephesus means desirable, and in many ways it was a desirable place to live. 836 more words

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The Archetype of Baba Yaga

It has been three months since I last beseeched Baba Yaga for her dark healing and wisdom. After making a conscious effort to focus time and energy to making offerings and rituals to her, the meaning of her medicine has become more clear to me, and after these months of reflection I have been able to piece together how I have grown and healed since first contacting her for her unique method of healing in August 2014. 1,780 more words

Baba Yaga

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Many Roads Lead Home

Many years ago, I had an unusual Grade 13 English teacher at Bathurst Heights Collegiate in Toronto. Her family was very out there it seemed, and her brother hosted a weekly cable tv show about UFO’s and other psychic stuff. 713 more words



In your eyes I am blue sea and broad sky
Goddess of love, of fun, sex and sweat.
In your eyes I’m glorious and powerful… 87 more words

Erotic Poetry