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Triple Mother


Mother of the Earth, lady of the jungles and the mountains; giver of harvests and maker of deserts, be the dust under my feet and the cool water that quenches my thirst; whisper to me in the voice of the wind and wave hello with the gentle quiver of flowers along my way; make me feel welcome with you aromas of fresh bread and thawed the cold from my bones with the warmth of your hearth. 152 more words

Karem Barratt


Hecate is a Greek Goddess. Hecate’s parentage is not entirely clear, but it is believed she is the offspring of Perses and Asteria, though some believe she’s the daughter of Demeter or even Zeus. 688 more words


Wave Good-bye to Boring!

Aquamarina Statement Necklace

Wave goodbye to boring — our statement necklace is a total showstopper fit for a goddess of the sea + land. A smooth, faceted amazonite in a soft, milky blue/green is at the center of an archipelago of turquoise, shimmery sand glass + crystals. 16 more words


Besoms & Brooms

Besoms and broomsticks. I love them; their iconic, symbolic nature shrouded in age old belief and superstition. Those seemingly ordinary, everyday household items tucked away in a cupboard somewhere. 1,617 more words


Our True Nature

There are a variety of perspectives as to this life and our purpose here. The disparity of perspectives is seemingly very complex and can lead to intense debates and even wars. 660 more words