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I can be Aphrodite 

I’m as finicky as the Ocean

I can heal you, calm you

Raise you up

Or break you and smash you with my unyielding power… 476 more words


Sample of my next story 'Proud Infinity' Stuck in a time loop with only a god to keep him company

I am going to be having parts from my next book ‘Proud Infinity’ for the next couple of days.  This story is about a guy who ends up stuck in a time fracture and the only other person who realizes it is a demi-goddess sent to help him end it. 1,353 more words

Morrigan's Cross

I did not know this was a trilogy. Even though it was printed on the cover page. I could be addled brain like that at times, please excuse me. 654 more words


Is God a Man?

Our concept of male and female is limited to our experience of male and female. We have only experienced incomplete, flawed males and females. Therefore to say that God is either male or female is seriously problematic, because it implies to our minds that God is like something flawed. 219 more words


Sexy, Soothing Goddess: tranquiliT and The Chemistry of Self Love

Welcome (back) to the most tranquil place on the world wide web!

Today we are going to be talking about SELF LOVE. Something, you may or may not be familiar with. 898 more words


Cuckolding vs. Femdom

Cuckolding and Femdom are not the same sexual kink. While they often co-exist in male fantasies, wanting to experience one doesn’t mean you want to experience the other. 1,743 more words



Charles Sellier. Before 1882.