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How To Make Big Money Online Doing Literally No Work

“You know it’s nothing more than a gateway to disaster, but you’re going to read it anyway. That’s why “Make Money Online!” articles are still a major battleground on the search engines. 1,829 more words

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Pondering Priestessing

What does it mean to be a Priestess?  What is required?  What are the skills and talents you need to be a Priestess?  What tools are necessary to master to walk, talk, act and stand as a Priestess? 351 more words


Mothers Near

Mother Near

I feel my mother near
in a garden,
leaves trembling,
like my heart,
as a butterfly lights
on a concrete goddess. 205 more words


the maggie of our dreams.

photo © polly macdavid

(this october morning)

sitting in a canoe

blazing leaves all around

oak orchard with sweet billy… 57 more words

Why I love Men, Women, Others, and pretty much everything (mostly platonically)

While on here I talk openly, for the most part, about my own spiritual stuff, in my everyday life, almost no one knows anything about my spiritual side. 1,503 more words


Poem: Beware!

Many say beware

As we approach all Hallows

Of black cats who stare!


Mother. A goddess.

In my (slightly biased) opinion, my mother is the most beautiful woman. I see her beauty everyday. Through her mind, her soul and through her outer beauty. 151 more words