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wheel of fortune/ rota fortunae

clockwork creak

of fickle Fortune

desperate clawing hands sweat on the underside, sliding, slipping, with the creek below

It pulls them up for a taste of the top… 75 more words


Psilocybin and MDMA

I heard a talk about drug therapies for Cancer. The Doctor from NYU  cancer research talked of the difference between Psilocybin and MDMA – both therapies that are being studied under strictly monitored conditions. 574 more words



De-Cluttering has become a primary theme in my life as of late. The physical act and possessions only serve as a metaphor for the drastic clearing of my vibration thats taking place. 184 more words


How to make devi jewel from household items?? Mukut and Garland | Learning Process

Welcome to learning process. In this video, You will learn How to make devi jewel from household items?? Mukut and Garland.
Hindu culture is devotee to their god and goddess and we also prepare clothes or dress for our god as part of our worship. 15 more words

Art And Crafts

Decorative Stone Sculpture For Home

Decorative Stone Sculpture For Home

#stonestatue #sculpture #goodluckstatue #god #goddess #templedecor #homedecor #handmade

Ganesha, a Hindu God of Success with the head of an elephant, is the divine giver of blessings, strength and protection. 552 more words

Mama Gaia

Song: Mama Gaia
Artist: Lindie Lila
Album: Return Of The Goddess, Sacred Chants For Women

Spirit of Africa
Home of my soul
Ancient Mother
Goddess of old… 195 more words