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We came to Dance... intuitively.

We live in a ‘mental’ world – where it’s easy to get stuck in your head. Dance is a fantastic way to bring your focus inside, tap your sensual juiciness, and set yourself free in effortless fluidity. 721 more words


Maelstrom lullaby

For me
deafeningly loud sounds
are a lullaby

A rush of wind
is calming

A loud rainstorm
helps me relax

A chattering crowd
is a meditation… 57 more words



Asexuality and Paganism (for May 2016’s Carnival of Aces)

Standing in the Kemetic section of Crescent Moon Gifts, I waivered. On the shelf before me was a beautiful statue of Bast, lithe form poised to accentuate Her curves and hint at the sensual, playful side of this goddess of felines and motherhood. 889 more words


Goddess - The Withering (Review)

Goddess are a Norwegian progressive Doom rock band, and this is their début EP.

Originally appearing in 2014, this is a re-released, remixed, remastered and expanded version.   281 more words


Book reviews, and ancestors

Boneland, Alan Garner. This is an adult sequel to the two children’s books, The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, and The Moon of Gomrath. Here we find Colin as an adult, troubled, and deeper into the mysteries of the edge than ever. 422 more words


Shiva and Shakti – Consciousness and Power

I. “Since Shiva is only the silent, immobile witness, whereas she is the power herself, the devotees of Shakti and Devi have concluded that it might be best to direct one’s attention and prayers exclusively to the Goddess.

369 more words

Finding Time For Ritual In A Busy Life by Genevieve Mitchell

Do you need more ritual in your life?  How do you put more ritual in your life?

The world in which we live is a world needs new voices, new rituals, new rites and new ways to celebrate and empower women to recognize the Divine Feminine, the Feminine Face of God, the Goddess.   319 more words