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Eye Knows 

Found her

Lies lost her

Found her again

My pride lost her, again

One day I woke up

And she’s all eye could see

Even in the things eye saw with others… 32 more words


Autumn Goddess

This is a housewarming present I made for my niece. She just got her first apartment. 7 more words


Kindle the Goddess Within Divination Challenge- Day 13

October 17: Durga, what boundaries do I need to set?

  • “Building Blocks” (28): Strong foundations; work in progress. You have everything you need to cultivate an astonishing life.
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Solitary Witch

Shadows of a Solar Heart

“Shadows of a Solar Heart”

Created for Cosmosys XX: Tarot. Rest of the exhibition here –> http://cosmosys.net/tarotxx/

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Introducing 7even

As I tap deeper into my divinity,
And I feel all these high vibrations around me
I feel inspired,
I feel empowered,
I feel the powers of the youniverse taking me higher, 114 more words

Huna Prayer for Abundance

Huna Prayer for Abundance

Beloved God/Goddess,

I hereby pray and command forth, with all my heart, soul, mind, and might:

Divine Abundance made manifest through me as a steady, independent, reliable, permanent income of a month or more, complete Abundance consciousness, and full enactment of NESARA Law now!

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Is Solitary The New Black?

I gazed out the window, as I placed the tuna mornay into the oven. The clouds quickly grew into dark grey and black fluffs of water. 436 more words

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