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(Essay 5) Response by Dr. Glenys Livingstone to Magos, Muses, and Matrikas: The Magoist Cosmogony and Gynocentric Unity by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Ph.D.

Dr. Hwang begins with noting three difficulties for identifying Mago as Great Goddess of East Asia … the primary sources are


What exactly is Brisingamen?

This is one of those questions with a short and a long answer. The short answer is that it is the Norse goddess Freyja’s necklace. It is mentioned in a couple of places, including the poem… 1,480 more words


(Art) Earth Mother Goddess, Love, by Rena Hoffman

I have always created images from within that hold deep meaning for me, which often resemble iconic images from the outside world, one such example being ‘Earth Mother Goddess, Love’, resembling the well recognised, ‘Venus of Willendorf’. 14 more words


Prayer to Hekate

Through three realms you walk

on two feet with six arms

your three heads and six eyes

all-seeing in light or dark

your two torches raised and lowered… 144 more words

In Practice

Question #134!

     That’s right! This Weekly Question brought to you by Failed to Plan Ahead Inc.

I am now a corporate sell out. 114 more words

Weekly Question

(Poem) If We Were Rooted by Mary Saracino

If we were rooted to the ground like trees

or roses would we understand how intimately

our lives are entwined with the Mystery?

She carries us in her arms, cradles us in her heart… 175 more words