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(Essay 2) Why Reenact the Nine-Mago Movement? by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

Part 2 Goddess Goma, the Magoist Shaman Ruler, and Her Nona-Mago Tradition

Not until the autumn of 2012 did the pervasive manifestation of the number nine symbolism in Magoism surface in my consciousness. 962 more words


No Place Like Reality / Goddess Worship

I am always surprised by people who start any discussion or undergird their arguments with reliance upon fiction. “But in the movie…” Every movie is a lie. 820 more words

Priest of the Divine

That’s a pretty fancy title I have made for myself. And be assured, I did make it up. I kind of had to, their were no words or titles that I knew of to describe what I felt I was. 178 more words


The Protectors of Àidan

Hi guys!

Today I’m going to talk about the underdogs in my novel, Pandora’s Kiss.

Originally, the three Goddesses known as the Kharites had took center stage as the ones with all the answers. 274 more words

Writing, Fantasy, Mythology, Mental Health

Coffee with the Goddess

This retiree had a few hours this morning before she snapped into action in the outside world. So I took my cup of coffee to the Goddess in my backyard. 240 more words


Moonlight Sonata

Filipino poet and visual artist Maningning Cruz Miclat penned a poem that states: “The moon is but the moon, existing for the sake of existence. We who suffer the tidal blues are linked by the gravitational pull.” It says so much in so little words – exuding a mystical grace. 208 more words


(Essay 2) The Journey of the Goddess: Pandora Archetypes by Laura Newberry-Yokley

A Prayer

We are the web,/ We find our center/ By coming closer./ The center is our truth. – Barbara Walker

Furrow deeply within the cave of time when ideas were distinct from beliefs and belief were separate from thoughts. 1,333 more words