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(Book Excerpt 2) Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess, the Girl God anthology by Trista Hendren

Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess: a Girl God Anthology. Edited by Trista Hendren, Pat Daly
and Noor-un-nisa Gretasdottir

Several weeks ago on the news, we saw pictures of 40,000 people starving to death in Madaya, Syria. 1,154 more words


Legends part 3: the Harpy

The backstory behind another character in my painting series, “Myth Girls”, historical monstresses misunderstood: the Harpy.  (click the photo to enlarge)

Granddaughters of the god Oceanus, early stories described the Harpies as spirits… 147 more words

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Ilmr: Elm Goddess?

Back in the spring I was inspired by Adam Hyllested’s ideas about the Hyldemoer to write my own post about the Elder Mother. This led on to two other posts, on rowan and birch. 1,305 more words


Legends part 2: the Sphinx

More legends behind my painting series, “Myth Girls”, classical monsters reimagined. The legend of the Sphinx. (click the photo to enlarge painting)

You’ve probably heard of this fabulous riddler who was part woman, part winged lion. 168 more words

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(Essay 3) Radical Doll Making From Willendorf to Today: The Revelation of an Ancient Tradition by Jude Lally

Radical Doll Making

I call myself a radical doll maker taking this practice back to its roots. Back to roots of dolls as tools of magic, of holding intention, created and used within ritual. 1,149 more words


Legends part 1: The Maenad

Welcome to the first of six posts where I give the legends behind the characters in my new painting series, “Myth Girls”.  Where many male classical monsters were born bad, some of the most interesting female monsters have a backstory with a twist.   137 more words

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