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100+1 SYMBOL: Three Shades of Goddesses - Kali, Durga & Gauri

Kali and Gauri are the untamed and domestic forms of the Goddess. One is naked, the other fully dressed.One’s hair is unbound. The other’s is tied with a string of flowers. 147 more words


(Essay) On the 2015 Virtual Mago Pilgrimage to Korea Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

A Goddess Pilgrimage is not a one-time event but an ever unfolding process that takes place before, during, and after the actual/virtual travel. Things work in a profound, complex, and subliminal way. 1,336 more words



I know this woman
Who’s gathering herbs,
Pounding them between two stones,
And she knows me.

She knows my world of voices,
The things that whisper and hum there. 166 more words


(Essay 2) Re-mything the Sacred Feminine by Mary Petiet

A symphony of voices is arising now at the time of our mother planet’s greatest peril. We remember and we awaken. We are powerful now because we are remembering. 853 more words


Meditation and Visualization, for those who can't simply sit and still the mind

Meditation, we all know its beneficial and we all know how amazing it can be for bringing harmony and a centredness back into our lives, but do we do it? 633 more words

Mind And Body

(Poem) The Snot-Nosed Goddess: Tlazolteotl by Robin Scofield

refuses to be refused or refuse

while her rubber mouth sews words

like dunderhead, and dung beetles center

daily meditations in dead leaves, industry

for nothing, black munchers firing… 109 more words


It's Time for Gratitude...

As most of you know, I firmly believe that Gratitude is meant to be a daily practice.

Back in August, 2012, I had what I refer to as a Divinely Orchestrated stroke.  426 more words