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(Art) Riders by Paula Lietz

I was brought up that we are all one no matter what we are. Thus a rock, river, tree, sunset was the same as I and I the same as the wonder I saw. 73 more words


"Thank You, Stephanie Dray!"

As many of you know, I have become quite enamored by the “Cleopatra’s Daughter” Series of novels, by Stephanie Dray.

So much so, that I have made YouTube videos about all the novels in the series.  218 more words


Multi-tasking Saboteurs.

The most beautiful a woman can be – is to be herself!

Have you ever sat quietly alongside hundreds of women and actually seen the picture that is painted before you.   68 more words

WTF is an 'Eponetara' - The second part

Hi all!

As promised, here is the second part of my ‘WTF is an Eponetara’ post, in which I reveal some fun facts about my patron Goddesses – Epona and Tara. 598 more words


A Story for You

The Fearsome Goddess

“Grandmother, who is the Fearsome Goddess and when is she coming?” the boy asked.

He and his sister were curled up against their grandmother in front of a roaring fire, heads pillowed on her ample bosom. 706 more words

At Home

(Poem) The true colors of the peacock by Maria Arias

The beauty,

The immortality,

The Spirituality

The Holiness

The royalty

The Compassionate

Creature created

To show its uniqueness

And kindness

Watch the peafowl walk

As it stretches its long green-blue neck… 100 more words


Blessed Healing Poem

Goddess and God,
what do these meanings mean to you?
What do they mean to you?
Do they mean you can call on Us,
without making an effort… 154 more words