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(Prose) The Activist Goddess by Jennifer Powell

Activism came early in my life, precipitated by Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam war; I was in my mid-teens, passionate, driven and wearing my heart on my sleeve. 1,191 more words


(Poem) The Pythian Oracle and Epilepsy by Susan Hawthorne

The language in my tongue

My tongue has blossomed in my mouth

It is filled with language

It spreads like a big red balloon

With language caught inside… 479 more words


Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune debut trailer, basic game flow detailed

#FourGoddessesOnline Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune debut trailer, basic game flow detailed Compile Heart has released the debut trailer for Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune, dubbed “To the World of Four Goddesses Online!” The trailer provides our first in-motion look at the Unreal Engine 4-powered Neptunia game. 27 more words

Korean Historical Dramas Free Online Forum beginning Feb. 14, 2017

Enjoy Cultural/Historical Dramas and make it your learning experience!

KMS 100 Korean Historical Dramas (Korean Magoist Studies Elective Course)

This class can be taken as “a cultural retreat” during which one is invited to experience and explore the gift-giving legacy of Magosim (the mytho-historical-cultural matrix of the Great Goddess) steeped in the traditional Korean Culture! 426 more words



Once a traveler found himself lost near a river

He placed his body under a banyan tree

And under the light of the shimmer

Of the night’s Sun, that listened to the… 379 more words

(Book Excerpt 2) New Love by Trista Hendren and Arna Baartz

So now it’s confession time. When we began this project, I ordered some of Arna’s Colouring Pages. I have wanted to order colouring sheets for several years now but I never have. 560 more words