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Great Meeting

We had an excellent meeting at The Blue Moon Cafe in Sheffield.  Lots of plans and ideas.

  • Due to time we’re leaving the yule decorations until next year as Pagan hurt her hand and is still recovering…
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Why Do We Differentiate within Gods?

DISCLAIMER: All views are Personal and not meant to hurt anyone’s religious belief.

Today I sat down with my family on the holy occasion of Lakshmi Pooja to sing prayers. 355 more words

Featured Stock

As you may well know its’ not just vintage things we sell, but also handmade. We’ve been busy adding some of those to our pages today! 61 more words

Besom Magic

Tips & Tricks for Immediate Confidence

Whether you’re someone who struggles with confidence or you’re someone who is a generally confident person, we all have times where we could use a boost of confidence. 75 more words

Self Love & Soul Growth

Seshat: Mistress of the Books

The Egyptian goddess Seshat is one of the lesser-known Egyptian deities, and yet she was an enduring one. Her name means “Female Scribe” and the art of the scribe was her area: the burgeoning state of Egypt needed to keep records, formalize contracts and agreements, and make blueprints for buildings. 1,565 more words


Drawing Away from the God/desses

For many years I have felt myself drawn to the gods of Egypt. In particular I have always felt drawn to Bast and, to a lesser extent, Anubis. 254 more words


The Mystifying Morrigan

I read this article about The Morrigan yesterday and almost dismissed it due to this line: “Her breasts were believed to form the hills in County Kerry called Da Chich Annan (the paps of Anu).”* I thought that the Paps of Anu referred to a different goddess, Anu or Danu. 454 more words