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Equality, Lower Instincts and Impulses

I believe that the more we think, the more we become convinced that the instinct which asks for equality is a low one, and that equality, if it were completely brought out would furnish play for the lower instincts and impulses of man.

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The Good

Charleston, Language and Us

The misuse of language produces evil in the soul.


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The horrible church killings in Charleston will, as these matters always do, have us point our finger at the “usual suspects.”  In this case they will be: race, guns and identifying white people as having hatred of non-whites. 399 more words


Faith: Tolstoy and You, Part I

My break in faith occurred in me as it … still does among people … in most cases it happens like this: people live as everyone lives, 

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The Middle East and You

The loss of a meaningful Christian presence in the Middle East could further polarize relations between Christians and Muslims around the world – and bring us a step closer to the kind of “clash of cultures” that no sensible person wishes to see.

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Ending Achievement

The love of excellence for its own sake!  This is the attitude of mind, when acquired, which witnesses man’s sharing in Creation.

Leonard E. Read, 

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