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Christian men and the Red Pill

This is a review of Lee Grady’s article in Charisma magazine regarding the Red Pill and it’s invasion of Christianity:


While there are some aspects of this article I disagree with, for the most part I agree with many of the objections that the author has to the Red Pill Culture.   559 more words

When you feel like dying, you don't need 13 reasons why

I heard there was this “13 reasons why” series and what it was about. After I heard that one sentence explaining what the series was about… I was no longer paying attention to the details. 1,106 more words

Finish Line

Grace Training

Been away for the past few days with some of my girls. Hard to get to my computer, but have been enjoying working my way through Titus. 542 more words


Abide My Heart, Abide. 

Arlene Ayirah

Todays piece should just challenge you and I to go back to the drawing board and make sure we are on the right track as far as our personal relationship with God is concerned. 1,397 more words


The Treasure of a Mentor

Mentors. They are so important. So vital, I believe, to a successful life. So essential to our Christian walk. Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. 1,056 more words


A Tough Choice

A pilot faces tough choices with almost every flight: Weather, mechanics, and other challenges continually arise to make the decisions pilots make concerning their life’s passion very difficult. 459 more words


Feminism vs. femininity

Feminism has been an ongoing movement since at least the mid-1800s when the first Women’s Rights Convention was held in Seneca Falls in 1848.  It picked up some momentum in the 1920s as women won the right to vote and the Jazz Era brought in “the modern woman” who was seeking to liberate herself from the constraints of marriage and motherhood.  814 more words