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Road of Obedience

Of course, I’m on another date with Jesus. Today was just chill: Walmart and Subway. But I am not going to lie, I have been in pain today.   434 more words

Having The Godly Mindset

There has been this prayer that keeps coming up in my head. I saw it a couple of years ago and I had saved it in a Word document on my computer. 747 more words

The "In Spite Of's" Make All the Difference

As I’ve embarked on the task of trying to do the things that really matter there are certain things that begin to become more and more clear every single day. 478 more words

Productivity Tools That Work: A different kind of "Panda"

When it comes to establishing a more disciplined, organized schedule there’s a host of tools that claim to be the end all be all in getting you to where you want to be. 1,263 more words

That kind of Day

Today was a day that started off good but as it went on it just kind of went to hell and for some reason there happened to be a couple of instances that made me really start to think about where I am and if it’s really where I want to be. 532 more words

Make Sure They Know How Perfect They Are

Last night as I sat proofreading David’s (My Son) essay my wife began to experience some difficulty getting my Daughter (Dejia) to focus on her homework. 1,432 more words

2017 Morning Boost: Get Thankful, Get Pumped, Get Clear, Get Started!

As the 2015 year came to a close I began to see and read lots of articles about Great morning rituals that made for an even greater day. 1,322 more words