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So much hatred, covered by so much LOVE !!!

The continued downfall of our society took a further lurch downwards in recent days with the legalisation of same sex marriage in the US.   Now, I could sit here and type out a whole pile of scripture verses as to why I believe that God planned a marriage to be one man and one woman, and in turn, for each child to have one Mum and one Dad, but I would say that most that read my blogs know all of the verses I would put down. 460 more words

Godly Parenting

Ice Cream Messages

Tonight I was searching for God’s answers to some big prayers. As I wrote about our day, I realized this evening’s events are a perfect example of the way I experience God’s answers in my everyday mom moments. 630 more words

Godly Parenting

Tomato Plant Children

We eat a lot of tomatoes. I think my husband lives on pico de gallo. I can’t tell you the number of last-minute shopping trips that involve needing a tomato. 637 more words

Godly Parenting

Let Him be Her Dad

On this Father’s Day, I spent a lot of time thinking about dads, my dad, my step-father-in-law, my father-in-law and my daughter’s father. My husband spent much of our daughter’s first year in Iraq, from just days after we finalized her adoption until after she turned 15 months old. 595 more words

Godly Parenting

The Negative Ned Caboose !!

So, once again, (well, the for the third time in however many years I’ve been on FB), I’ve decided to jump off the FaceBook train.  A few reasons for this.. 1,250 more words


Can Mommies Have fun Too?? - Part Two

If you missed the first post here about whether or not Mommies can have fun, (or if we should just resign ourselves to a stressed out and chaotic life b/c we have kids,) read… 2,171 more words

Oh That Comfort Zone - Thoughts from #MomTalk

A sweet, young friend of ours is getting on a plane in a couple of weeks. She’s only flown once before and that was from SA to Dallas. 729 more words