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💚 My dear Dad's Eulogy 💚

Dad was born in Ipswich on 6th Dec 1949. He was the 5th child of Sam & Freda.  He is survived by two older brothers, and two older sisters. 2,582 more words

Call your folks

There’s a story in the book of Joshua where God holds back the sun so the Hebrews could have more time to fight on and subdue their enemies.  545 more words

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Parenting Baby Christians

My kids were 7 and 5 when my journey started. We had just moved to a new town, my son was in second grade and my daughter in kindergarten. 973 more words


Motherhood Overloaded

Motherhood has to be the hardest role I have ever played.  It is full of such a broad spectrum of emotions that sometimes hit all at one time…which can make for a volatile   and very exhausting day.  1,374 more words

An open letter to Dad

Dear Dad

It’s been 23 days, 5hrs and 25mins since you took your last breath and became a resident of heaven.  I have cried more in the last 3 and a bit weeks than I have in my entire 40.5yrs, but don’t you worry, not all of those tears have been sad ones.   1,342 more words

Ten Basic Principles of Raising Children

Below are some principles of child-rearing that can offer a genuinely helpful guide to not only parents, but also teachers, disciplinarians, day care workers, and others who care for children: 245 more words

Godly Parenting

Dad, are willys rude (teach your children godly sexuality)

I was walking with my youngest son to the garage to pick up our car from its service when he asked:

“Dad, are willy’s rude?” 303 more words

Christian Sexuality