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Football - An idol?

Due to the sensitivity of the topic, I feel it’s important you know a little about who’s writing this…I have always considered myself a “guy’s-guy”. I played in baseball, basketball and soccer leagues growing up. 1,207 more words

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The #1 Kids' Excuse of All Time and How to Beat it!

“He made me do it!” Is perhaps the number one kid excuse of all time! I mean is there a better excuse? Is there a better way to deflect responsibility for our sin than blaming our actions on someone else? 641 more words


Why You Should Want a Little Girl (like, really badly)

Most of us, either secretly or not, hope to have a boy first when we begin having children.

I don’t know why, but I’ve noticed this for years. 799 more words


Living Example of a Compassionate Life

Today we come to the end of our December parenting weekends where we focused on the topic “Raising Compassionate Children”. We had some fabulous posts this month. 106 more words

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Team work in Raising Compassionate Children

Welcome to the last weekend in our Parenting weekend and the last one for the year 2015. Time seemed to fly by this year.

Today we continue to discuss the topic “How to Raise Compassionate Children”. 437 more words

Christian Parenting

Welcome back to our Parenting Weekends. Today Grace, our co-host, shares with us on the topic of “How to raise Compasionate Children”.

Teach by Doing… 103 more words


Raising Children Who Care

Today we continue our topic for our Parenting Weekends, co-hosted by God’s Character and My Divine Bessings. Out topic for the month is “How yo Taise Compassionate Children.” todY Ryan shares with us in this topic.   449 more words

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