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Wired for intimacy part 1 (godly sexuality)

Before we had our first miracle baby we read the book “The Social Baby” which shows that even from birth babies are wired to seek faces over other images: 903 more words

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Punishment, education or discipline (godly parenting)

Discipline has got a bad press.  It has become synonymous with punishment and punishment has become synonymous with abuse which society condemns.  It is no surprise that society has swung to the opposite end of the spectrum and is overly permissive, giving their children whatever they want thinking this is loving.  612 more words


Repetition is important (teach your children godly sexuality)

So here I am, I’ve given workshops to parents about how to teach godly sexuality to their children.  I live these principles in my own life.  216 more words

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Calling out your child's true identity (godly parenting)

In a previous post on godly parenting we briefly mentioned prophetic calling out of our children.  I want to look at this topic in a little more detail here.The classic example of this is the story of Gideon.  1,277 more words

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When I'm Parenting a Rutabaga Instead of a Pumpkin

A few years ago, I was at a conference and heard a speaker say something I still think about regularly. He was talking about parenting, and said, 633 more words

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God will never give you more than you can handle and other myths (teach your children godly sexuality part 17)

Welcome to the last post of our basic course “teach your children godly sexuality”.  We have looked at four principles:

  1. Good – because our sexuality reflects the nature of our three in one God…
  2. 1,067 more words
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JES22 - More Than Just Being There: Beyond Family Worship

What do you do when time is flying by more quickly than you feel would be safe? As parents, we’re increasingly aware of this fact. Even as aunts and uncles, we go to graduations and it feels like a dream. 382 more words