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Am I a bad parent? (godly parenting)

Do you feel like you’re a rubbish parent?

Do you feel like you are damaging your children?

Let me tell you about a couple I know of. 771 more words

Christian Sexuality

what I need most as a new mom

In a little over four months, I’ll become a mama.

Aside from a few years of being in denial about wanting children (and in doing so, thinking I was protecting myself from the possibility of never getting married), I always knew I wanted to be a mother. 1,006 more words

Parenting in the Church - Part 2

History as well as experience teaches us that it is much easier for children to imitate the vices and weaknesses of their parents than it is to emulate their virtues, and that the sins of the parents are frequently perpetuated in their children. 1,123 more words

Godly Parenting

Parenting in the Church - Part 1

Experience teaches us that it is much easier to produce a child than to be a parent. As one commentator rightly said, “Whether serving simultaneously as nurse, doctor, teacher, coach, disciplinarian, friend, and spiritual role model, wise parents will look to God’s Word for encouragement and direction.” This means, as Christian parents, we are so fortunate to have a role model—a God whom we call “Father” (Matthew 6:9; Luke 11:2), that the Scripture tells us, is loving, caring, and willing to help us become better parent(s). 2,024 more words

Godly Parenting

Bringing Out the Best in Strong-Willed Girls

As we pulled up to the stop sign, my 12-year-old daughter spoke up from the passenger seat, “Mom, this is where we turn.” Yes, sweetheart, I know that. 1,206 more words


Living in the World

We live in a world where people have different spiritual views, many have turned away from God. So how do we prepare our children to be a light in the world, to show love, while still keeping a holy life? 826 more words

Raising Godly Children

Drawing Me Closer To Himself

Eliot and I celebrated our second anniversary together as husband and wife on January 3 of this year.  We went to this yummy Italian restaurant and got to reflecting/talking.   637 more words