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What kind of mother is more godly & which type of parenting is right?

How does it feel when someone suggests that you should parent the way they do?

How does it feel when someone tells you what God wants mother’s to do that just happens to go against the way you are doing things? 815 more words


Knowing Your Energy Level

As a preschool teacher I have to be in tune with energy… the energy levels of the classroom, the class, each student, myself, and my co-teachers. 498 more words

Godly Parenting

The Greatest Teacher

When you want to learn something you seek out the best teacher, the person you know that is the best at the skill you want to attain. 436 more words

Breakfast With Jesus

Play With Your Child

One of the most amazing experiences ever is to play with a child and experience something for their first time, even though it’s not your first time you can observe how much they learn through their first exposure. 447 more words

Godly Parenting

Imprints and sway

Pr. 25:1:  “These also are proverbs of Solomon which the men of Hezekiah king of Judah copied:”

What are we saying, doing and writing that others might copy?



Precious Little Hearts

So I am overwhelmingly passionate about children! If you’d never met me and you saw me in a setting with many people then you might think I was snobby because instead of hanging out with the adults I tend to gravitate toward the children. 540 more words

Godly Parenting