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On this snowday, I vow...

…to get it together and finish my blogs!

School was cancelled today (and we’re getting word now that it’s cancelled tomorrow) and I pray that I’m going to focus my energies to the completion of my blogs. 291 more words

A post from an ex-feminist

“I will never be dominated by a man” is something that you would have commonly heard me say not too long ago. Yes, I was once one of those girls(don’t judge). 780 more words

Women: Misunderstood

I remember riding in the car and avoid the question, “What makes your blood boil?” I knew the answer immediately, well there are many things… 788 more words


50 Shades of Green Valentine's Day

Are you doing Valentine’s Day wrong? I was for years and didn’t realize it until recently. The gift that made me realize just how much I’ve changed wasn’t really for me and involved army socks. 833 more words


Worth Pursuing

Are you a woman worth pursuing? Yes, you certainly are.  The Lord has never once stopped pursuing you or me (john 1 1-18).  A women that lives her life with purpose, respect for herself, mind and body, her gentle and caring spirit so eager to forgive, to understand and listen are just a few of her qualities that bring about her spark. 788 more words


What I Learned When I Stopped Complaining.

For the Thanksgiving season, I began a challenge of 30 Days Without Complaint. And it was hard. Honestly, it was pretty much impossible to keep 100%. 811 more words

Godly Women

Be Prepared for Opposition

Matthew 10:34 “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”

When we decide to take up Jesus’ cross and live for Him and put Him first, we must be prepared for opposition which will come, not only from the lost in this world, but much more heartbreaking is that it will come from those closest to us. 276 more words