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Recently, I came across a post titled “EVERY WOMAN SHOULD READ THESE 30 RULES FOR GODLY WOMEN” shared by one of my Facebook friends.

On a whim I decided to read the posts, after all most of the rules are derived from the bible. 539 more words

Why I'll always take breaks from social media 

It’s 3am, I’m sitting here on my couch as everyone sleeps. I feel this urge to just be awake… I open my devotional and read about how Jesus withdrew himself to pray all the time. 272 more words


Be A Woman of Christ

This isn’t going to be another post about how to be a godly woman for I’ve written a good amount of those types of posts, but recently, I rededicated and renewed my promise to my Heavenly Father to be a woman of Christ for this is something that my passion has grown even more in!  806 more words


Godly Women go "from house to house" Making Judgments and Peeking Through Windows

Lori has this busybody habit of “going from house to house” taking pictures of the ugly ones, mocking them online and making them into blog material.   383 more words

Traditionalist Bird

Manhood and Womanhood According to Scripture

These passages, from Job and Proverbs, show examples for us to live with Godly character in our manhood and womanhood.

Job was a great example of how to be Men of Integrity: 1,247 more words

Godly Women

Is there a "Glass Ceiling" in Christ?

Many people accuse the Apostles of being male chauvinists.  They say that in their writings they speak mostly to men and assign women to a lower position.   613 more words


Gratitude - a Thankful Appreciative Spirit

A truly thankful spirit will show gratitude when it acknowledges who God is and what He has done for him/her. This gratitude is a heartfelt emotion and it is not dependent upon the response of another person nor the nature of the gift it received. 813 more words

Godly Women