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Is Self-Awareness the New Submission?

It certainly seems so. For all the talk about how men want submission, submission and more submission, it seems like rather a self-aware woman will do just fine. 522 more words

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The Fruit of a Blogger

On Lori’s post yesterday about how young women are too busy blogging and in turn are neglecting their families, thereĀ is this comment:

“Like the person you quoted in this post, I definitely look at the fruit of a blogger whose words I read.

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Yesterday, I released a post titled “Dating” and in it, I addressed men and women respectively…Apparently one reader didn’t like that I had harsher words for men than I did for women. 726 more words


So, I’ve been trying to get back in the dating world. and it hasn’t been easy. To be really honest, I haven’t had a full fledged relationship since high school…And that was close to 10 years ago. 961 more words

Let's Talk about Emotions (aka Feeeeeeelings)

Lori’s post today brings up a lot of discussion points. A common trait among godly women and the manosphere is the disgust for female emotion and feelings (aka feeeeeelings). 656 more words

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What is True Wisdom?

First, wisdom is a healthy fear and awe of our Lord. It is the process of discernment in which choices are considered and alternatives weighed. For the Godly person, choices are always to be made in keeping with God’s purposes and desires. 1,030 more words

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How My Dog Saved My Life

Some people are cat people. Some people are dog people. Some dog people are strictly for the smaller ones. Some dog people are all about the big pups. 1,368 more words