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The work of righteousness will be peace,
And the effect of righteousness,
quietness and assurance forever.

Isaiah 32:17

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Finding God’s Grace in Single Parenting

Written by: Christin Beiner

Let’s face it; parenting with both parents in the household can be quite a frustrating role today.  Many parents are facing issues that past generations did not even dream could be issues for their children, especially when they hit those teenage years.  480 more words

Godly Men

From Nothing Into The Woman of God

Now I am back from my 21 days fast from social media but during that time I finish my second book. From Nothing Into The Woman of God is finally here!!!God has a purpose for your life, you might have been through Hell and back but God still has a purpose for your life. 201 more words


A common concept in Anabaptist history is Gelassenheit. This word is typically translated into English as yieldedness. Its actual definition is far more involved.
What are some elements of Gelassenheit as evidenced in the Christian life? 707 more words

Christian Living

Fellowship with Christian Women: Worth the Risk

My cheeks were sore from smiling. My mascara was slightly smudged from tears, some of them from laughing and others from listening to an emotional story. 415 more words


Attention Ladies!

Written by Joe Fitch – Published in Plain Talk – March 1970

Ladies, your short dresses are making it more unlikely for you to be surrounded by honorable minded gentlemen. 482 more words


Girl, you're not ready for that ring! Yet.

See; when I learnt how to make chapatis, I thought I had passed the ‘wife test’. There is a perception (well, from where I come from) that once you know how to make good chapatis, you are ready to get married. 2,272 more words