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Did Betty Friedan have a Terrible Mother?

Lori says today:

Did you know that the modern feminist movement began with three women who had terrible childhoods. “How ironic that these three intelligent women (Betty Friedan, Germaine Greer, and Gloria Steinem), none of women is currently married, have so influenced our current notions of family and motherhood”

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Follow your Heart vs. Follow your Conviction

When I saw this comment and the mention of “follow your own convictions” it stuck out to me as having the same ring as the feminist/secular chant of “follow your heart”. 234 more words

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Some Godly Women Quotes

A few godly women ganged up on “submissive” in this thread (Katy is the only notable exception). Here are some quotes:

I don’t think you have ever condemned others (or raged about them being a hypocrite like they love to do you).

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"Ezer" Love

This video is the epitome of how God created Eve to be.  Not as a “helpmate…”  God created Eve as Adam’s “ezer.”  In any situation described in the Bible by this verb, without the… 62 more words

So who even am I? (And should you sit with me?)...

I don’t hold any fancy titles or have many tales of adventures to tell, I didn’t get a university degree and I haven’t earned a cent for the last four years. 529 more words

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Its My Christian Freedom to Wear Shorts (or How 99% of Men Don't Lust over Shorts)

There is a very recent photo of Lori circulating with very short shorts. I won’t post it here as those with google skills can find it quickly enough on their own.   540 more words

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The Magnificent Leap from Shorts to Vagina Hats

Yesterday, Catherine left the below comment on Lori’s facebook page

It was deleted and then reappeared and then finally Lori responded with this snobby response… 595 more words

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