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“Don’t wait for a magical being to come and flick a wand for you. Be your own fairy godmother and let your magic happen.”- Mona


Poetry in Life #1

These posts will mainly be from various places where I have either written something poetic to someone, heard something poetic from someone, or any deep thoughts and words that come to mind. 77 more words


Apologies ....

Hi Everyone

I am sorry for lack of posts recently it’s just that I have been so busy past couple of weeks.

2 weeks ago my Goddaughter and her husband surprised me with a lovely day out which resulted in going to their 3D /4D baby scan of their 2nd baby, lunch and then went to London to watch Tennis. 266 more words



Ok I’ll admit it, growing up with a sister wasn’t the easiest. Different personalities sharing one room. Me being the messy one, her being crazy clean. 296 more words


#AdultFilmAMovieOrTvShow Cara Delevingne - Serious godmother love...

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Leading by example

I’m always on the road. This weekend I went to my parents place because on Sunday we had a baptism. It is finally official, I’m a godmother!!!!!! 476 more words


‘Godmothers’ Increasingly Powerful in Italian Mafia Families

October 30, 2016

Source: breitbart.com

There has been a steady increase in the number of women in power positions among the different branches of the Italian Mafia, with some as brutal and calculating as the men they are replacing, according to recent reports. 586 more words