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Reality of Gods

What a band of rejects they were.

Slayer. Inspector. Curse. Prophet. Fool.

Inspector learns more through travels.

Slayer bleeds and wolves die.

Curse searches for their gift to the world. 23 more words


How to See Gods Without Tearing Out Your Eyes


We live in a myopic culture in which righteous belief in anything is held to be a visual, evidentiary process. “Seeing is believing, people say; and whenever proof is demanded, it is expected to be shown in a visual form. 674 more words


Well, that wasn't my choice..

I was just on Amazon, looking at books and stuff when suddenly I found myself buying two new kinds of incense. I usually don’t buy 100 piece packs of incense, but for some reason I did. 134 more words


I hate that I have to say this..

I hate that I have to say that I’m not against Christians or Catholics or any other monotheistic religion. Everyone has their own opinions and they have the right to express them, which includes having their own opinions about their own faith. 305 more words


A ramble.

I wonder sometimes if I’m the only one who bounces around between pantheons. I’ve written down somewhere the dieties I’m working with or have worked with and its really quite a few. 49 more words


Spiritual confusion!

A couple of weeks ago I was woken up by the feeling of breathing in my ear at 1:40AM, I sat up and looked around but I couldn’t see anyone and there was no movement outside of my room. 258 more words


Prayer to Njord!

Hail to Njord, Master of Ships!
Hail to Njord, Lord of Vanaheim!
Hail to Njord, loving Husband!
Hail to Njord, devoted Father!
God of temperance and even-handed care, 37 more words