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Trishul Sketches


When I was looking into Durga’s weapons and did some research about the trident, or “trishul” as it was written, I thought about how I would want it to look like. 79 more words

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Bustling buccaneer
boasted of billions
while browsing
bloodied, buried bramble.
Betrayed! Betrayed!
by boisterous beings
beyond his bloody believings.
Blasted Blessed Beings!
Bespoke of boundless bounties… 33 more words


Poem for Loki

Sharing the end of a poem I wrote early this morning, dedicated to Himself. In some ways Loki reminds me of elements of Shiva, with His divine dance of destruction that leads to renewal, the fire that burns away and leads to new, stronger growth. 24 more words

Gods & Goddesses

Star Tree – Star Goddess by Judith Shaw —

In a world where humans were small and nature was big, surrounded by forests of trees of immense size and stature, it’s not surprising that the ancient Celts came to hold trees as sacred.

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Magickal And Spiritual Living

At the Right Hand of the King

“Lovers find secret places
inside this violent world
where they make transactions
with beauty.”


I am leaning over the bathroom sink, fighting the ache in my arms as I go through the repetitive motions.

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For more entries on the gods and goddesses of Inuit mythology click here: http://glitternight.com/inuit-myth/

ULULIJARNAQ – The disemboweling goddess who lived in Udlormiut, the supercelestial afterlife. 309 more words

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Love your Gods your way

If you have your own connection to your Deities and Inspirers, trust it. Your work with your Deities is just that – your work, your connection. 47 more words

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