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Pagan Patrons For You And A Bit Of Drumming For Your Moon Night

This is for the Pagans among you. I am adding a list of names of Gods and Goddesses for those who don’t yet know who to have as their patrons, for every day, and for placing offerings on your altar, or for when you need to call on a particular god/goddess for a particular need. 255 more words


Warning: don't mess with the fairer sex!

Our next destination has a unique history, and perhaps the earliest forerunner of women’s liberation. Then again, what happened may raise a few brows and possibly considered extreme as to the outcome. 550 more words

Greek Mythology

Memphis Open-Air Museum

The city of Memphis was located at the beginning of the Nile River Delta and was the capital of the Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt for about 500 years in the 3rd millennium BCE. 257 more words


The Pyramid 1.0: Step Pyramid of Djoser

The ancient Egyptians didn’t one day come up with the idea for the pyramids out of the blue, instead the idea was the result of the evolution of the mastabas, which means “bench” in Arabic, and is a funerary structure that they had been building for centuries. 266 more words


Giza Solar Boat Museum

The small but excellent Solar Boat Museum is at the site of the pyramids of Giza. It’s on a separate ticket, but it’s more than worth it. 184 more words


The Falcon Speaks

In addition to our flock of silkies, living within our Sanctuary are birds of all kinds. The calls and cries of the birds are constant and welcome. 331 more words

Prayers Of The Ancients

Funny questions...

“I was asked doesn’t it bother me to write these things and write about people like Nikola into existence and if anyone like him exist?” 617 more words