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"Offering to Pasithea," or "A single line."

Someone mistakenly pulled the fire alarm in my building very early the other morning, and my heart pounded into overdrive. Even though it was an accident and nobody actually had to evacuate, there are few things more panic-inducing than being jolted from a sound sleep in the wee, blue hours by the clash of a clanging alarm. 501 more words


Goddesses of Destruction and Creation

The Goddess of Destruction and Creation, Mother Nature, Aset, the 10,000 faces of the Goddess; it has been said (over and over again) “don’t mess with Mother Nature.” The Divine Feminine, Mother Nature, is stronger than man/humans. 469 more words


Homage to Mothers and to Re

The following is an homage to Mothers  (on behalf of Mother’s day which resonates with this ancient Priestess with several children and grandchildren):

“O my heart which I had from my mother ! 198 more words

Gods And Goddesses

Mythology Quiz

Rush to the mythology quiz battle, use the power of immortals and command the GODS AND GODDESSES OF ROMAN, NORSE AND GREEK MYTHOLOGY! GET THE MYTHOLOGY QUIZ NOW! 382 more words


The Creators: Get to Know your Real Partner 5/04/2018

The Creators: Get to Know your Real Partner

5/04/2018 09:32:00 AM  Message

Get to Know Your Real Partner ∞ The Creators

MAY 4 2018

“And when you are in what you call the early stages of a relationship with another, there is that getting to know you period when you are in discovery of each other and what each of you brings to the party. 234 more words


Character Growth - 4 Mental Attitudes, Personal Beliefs; Superstitions, Destiny and Karma


Superstitions such as ‘don’t walk under a ladder’ can have a safety factor involved in them as whatever the person on the ladder has in their hands can fall and hurt you. 1,075 more words


Goddess Energy

This is something included in another new book I’m working on, ‘The Venus Collection’, featuring new and previously available articles of mine on the goddess of Love. 953 more words