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XI.: The Godly Edition

Author’s Note: This one is much inspired by Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Terry Pratchett’s Small Gods, both favorites of my husband’s.

There is one night a year where deities get the night off. 485 more words

Moments In Magical Modernity

Norse Mythology

If you think about it what is a myth. The word myth is derived from the Greek word mythos which translates to story in English. 675 more words

International Vulture Awareness Day 2017 – Focus on Nekhbet & Mut

Did you know that today is International Vulture Awareness Day? Many of these beautiful birds are now threatened or facing extinction, and population numbers are declining the world over. 1,692 more words

Gods & Goddesses

Corruption, sex and St. Paul

After leaving Messene, Evan and his companions head north towards the Corinthian Gulf. However, the trip wasn’t without a few incidents: an altercation with a Mycenaean princess and her ignoble father, and a sword fight with brigands, in which Evan was seriously injured. 725 more words

Ancient History

Persephone - What can we learn for her plight?

Persephone is a Greek fertility and underworld goddess, born of Zeus and Demeter.

She is also called Kore . In Roman myth her equivalent is often cited as Proserpina, with her mother Demeter is Ceres. 584 more words


Eclipse and Female Friendship! DP


Out of the Primordial Ooze came men and women, though in vastly different shapes, EQUAL. We have forgotten this at our peril…

And so there I was, sitting under the gazebo, journal on my lap, luxuriating in late afternoon – early evening even! 1,089 more words

Creative Writing

A Mermaid is Formed

As the Titan, Astraeus, covered the sky with darkening colors, a shadowy head peaked above the waves of Poseidon. Her inky black hair flowed with the weight of the water as she emerged onto the sandy beach. 570 more words