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Set-beast investigation #1: Saiga Antelope

There are many theories about whether the Set-beast is based on a real animal, whether it is a compilation of creatures (like Ammit), or a completely mythological being. 300 more words

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Character Interview: Laura Hart's Darkness

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. The Darkness was written by Laura Hart.)

He had been feeling off for a few days.  One of his subjects told him another had entered his plane, one who didn’t belong, and he wasn’t sure what to make of it.  2,976 more words


Pagan Parenting: The Christmas Conundrum

We’re thinking about starting to decorate our home for the Winter Solstice today.  My daughter is very excited but there’s a little confusion, too.  Excuse me while I just share some of my thoughts.  716 more words



Its strange how you can get drawn to something for years and not know why,

This is particularly weird because I am scared of statues (yes,even though I specialise in graveyard photography and lots of graveyards have statues) 193 more words


Polyhymnia, Just This Week

With many thanks to muses and musers alike, I gratefully announce the publication of my November post for All Nine Muses. This month’s focus is Polyhymnia, the goddess of hymns and sacred songs. 57 more words



ARKOANYO – The bird-creating deity who often protected his fellow divinities, especially from the storm god Valedjad. That god often grew so angry with his fellow deities that he unleashed powerful storms on them, sometimes destroying lesser deities who dared to oppose him. 296 more words

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