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Divine Hiccupia (Goddess of the Hundreds)

I used to be a Big Cheese of Creation

The Light of the world

Behold me now: the… 100 more words


Intro to Computing Art // OMG American Gods

For students to refine their skills using Adobe Illustrator’s Pen Tool, my students accepted the challenge of the OMG project, as in “Oh my gosh, this is so challenging and time consuming!” But the effort is well worth the outcome. 199 more words

Mississippi State University

Review Novel The Trials of Apollo : The Hidden Oracle (Book One) 

​Good afternoon, fellas! How’s your March going? I hope it’s been great! This time I wanna share something different in my WordPress. Yup, I used to write a review about movie. 1,058 more words


Vesta House Blessing

Dedicated to Vesta and Manannan Mac Lir

Supplies: White sage, cedar, lemongrass, dragon’s blood and vesta powder.

Goal: Cleansing the home

Hold your incense and place the vesta powder on an item that you can burn it on. 330 more words


Feburary 2nd - Yemaya

Dedicated to Yemaya

Offerings: Fish, cantaloupe, berries, coconut, white wine, sea food and coffee.

Supplies: a symbol for Yemaya would be dolphin, fish, shells and a necklace with white and blue beads (alternating). 386 more words


Imbolc - Selene

Dedicated to Selene

Offerings: Frankincense (healing), Myrrh (banishment), Dragon’s blood (protection)

Supplies: a symbol for Selene, black candles, white candles, athame, moon phase symbol

Goal: Healing, protection and banishment of evil/harmful energies from my life. 391 more words


Beltane - Fae Guardianship

Dedicated to Don

Offerings: Holly, juniper, yew, myrrh and cypress.

Supplies: a symbol for Don like a fairy or a cauldron

Goal: Purpose and intention is to have fae guardianship inside and outside of my house. 385 more words