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Mesopotamian Mythology Reexamined: the Gods

If you’ve ever taken a course on Western Civilization, you would remember that one of the first civilizations to spring up at this time would be Mesopotamia which flourished in ancient times from 4000 BCE to the rise of the Persian Empire in 539 BCE. 7,387 more words


Lost you forever by Tong Hua

“My arms are always open for you to hide in”

In the original context Tong Hua’s Sequel on Once Promised is read as

长相思 or  Eternally Yearning For You 580 more words

Vhimael's Song

P is for...

P is for…..


Or Persephone, or Poseidon…

The point for me is the ancient greeks.
All the mythology, and the stories and lessons.

I love them, always have. 53 more words

Aspiring Author

Mother's Day Offerings for the Earth Mother

I seem to post about food an awful lot, and I hope you’ll forgive me. Harvesting, making, and preserving food plays such an important role in our religious traditions and holidays. 496 more words


Cracked Foundation Fun House

Recently, I’ve been going through a deep loss that only reminds me that I don’t know much about the world I live in, with it’s twists and turns, sharp corners, villains, clowns and other fun house illusions. 538 more words

Two unique women come into his life . . . he will never be the same

Tuesday’s Revolving Book is the urban fantasy/ paranormal GHOSTS OF GLORY by Morgan Chalfant.

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Jersey “The Brawler” Romero is dying. Slowly. 798 more words

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Hindu's lack of activism compared with adherents of other faiths?

“…aggressive religions – they tend to overrun the Earth. Hinduism on the other hand is passive, and therein lies its danger.” (Sri Aurobindo, 1926)

1,082 more words