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Greed and Gluttony - teachings of the High One, Stanza 21

Hjarðir þat vitu
nær þær heim skulu
ok ganga þá af grasi
en ósviðr maðr
kann ævagi
síns um mál maga

Cattle know when they ought to go home, 340 more words


Alfather, Veratyr,
You give me life and breath, a connection I embrace.

You fill me with passion through your words.
You teach me joy and pain, honour and discipline. 148 more words

Ms. Picture Perfect

What is this feeling?

This feeling I feel,

The need to have you in my world,

Could you be that girl?

That woman I need to be by me, 260 more words

Love Matters

Havamal 27 - Teachings of the High One

Ósnotr maðr
er með aldir kømr
þat er bazt at hann þegi
engi þat veit
at hann ekki kann
name hann mæli til mart
veita maðr… 176 more words

Barbarian Ways -vs- Civilisation ...

“We equate the barbarian way with the natural, the strong and the free,

while civilisation represents what is soft, weak and corrupt”

Every time I read this quote, I can only imagine this is what the Gods must see when they look upon our planet and what we have done to it.  221 more words


The world is facing a major catastrophe.  The Earth is dying and the human race is to blame.  We need to take responsibility for what we have done and continue to do on a daily basis.  107 more words