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Life hangs by a thread

Some people may say it’s just a bird and walk away. But not the young woman who found the injured bird in the lane. She was pleased to see me, that I should show some interest in what happened, as she seemed to not know what to do apart from directing any approaching vehicle away from hitting the poor creature. 653 more words

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Hong Kong bans shark fins, putting those shilly-shallying to shame

A year after China banned shark fins from official banquets on the mainland, Hong Kong has now followed suit. (See China sets the pace for banning shark fins, Jul 7, 2012). 278 more words

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New York bans shark fins: One more reason for others to follow suit

BOTH New York (USA) and Toronto (Canada) have one thing in common – the popularity of Chinese food which may include shark fin soup served at Chinese restaurants. 299 more words

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Go Cirque du Soleil without animals

Here’s one more reason for not visiting zoos or circuses where animals are used to amuse patrons. Two employees of a performance troupe that was staging a tiger show at a zoo in China were caught on camera abusing a tiger – slapping and shaking the head of the animal and jumping on its back. 98 more words

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My favorite animal at the zoo: a peacock roaming free

IT was more than a year ago when AFP highlighted the plight of the animals kept at the Surabaya Zoo in East Java, Indonesia. (See Indonesian zoo in a sorry state, one more reason to do away with zoos, Mar 14. 302 more words

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Young people hold the key to shark conservation

MORE shark species will be added to the endangered list pending agreement by delegates at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). According to the World Wildlife Fund, shark finning largely has led to some species falling some 60 to 70 per cent. 372 more words

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Caged rabbits cannot be pets

Image courtesy animalpictures123.org

IT makes me sad to walk by the flat of someone who is keeping two rabbits in separate cages outside his door. The cages are small, offering hardly any room for moving two steps forward or back, let alone a tiny hop. 255 more words

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