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make God's glory resound

Make God’s glory resound; echo his praises from coast to coast.”  Isaiah 42 (The Message)

My heart is full this morning and I want to share my gratitude.

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Servant.....hello world

I am a servant of the Lord of Glory, called to be His servant, separated unto the gospel of God….which he had promised afore by his prophets in the holy scriptures. 530 more words


Voice Lifted High

Tonight I realized, that my voice is meant to be heard. Not to be listened to, not to be acknowledged or praised, but simply to be heard. 196 more words

Find Your Voice

Hallelujah Savings & Loans Co

Do you ever wonder how much money is enough to have? or how many things it will take to finally make us happy? Here’s a small lesson I learned some years ago. 411 more words


"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Can't Heal"

Six years ago today, I stood in the bathroom of a sleazy motel in south Florida staring with hatred at the face of the man looking back at me. 799 more words


Grateful Awe

I believe that we should always express thanks and gratitude to God for all that we have, whether considered meager, grand, or something in between. Sometimes what may seem meager can be a greater blessing than that which seems grand. 405 more words

Self Help

Promises, Promises

I wrote this message several years ago; but with all that’s going on in our personal lives, in the world, and in our families, I thought this would be a perfect time to repeat it with a few changes and additions, of course. 1,820 more words