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The moment.

There is this moment, the exact moment when I have to pick a side and decide between having a miserable time (submerged in grief or resentment) or having a good and memorable time (submerged in gratefulness and wonderment). 65 more words


Nancy Kannampuzha

Here is a little background on the type of person I was before we delve into Nancy: I never had real friends at Pepperdine. I was too self-focused to cultivate friendships. 499 more words

God's Gifts

Samantha Lee

Samantha is a little gem that I’ve met at Pepperdine. I didn’t know she would become such a huge part of my life until after Pepperdine. 382 more words

God's Gifts



A Father’s Day Prayer

Heavenly Father, we praise and honor You, the most wondrous Father of all! May You bless all fathers today and fill their hearts with rivers of Thy love, peace, hope, and joy. 318 more words

Jesus Christ

A Handful of Clover

This morning, before I took her to school, my daughter brought me a handful of clover blossoms from our backyard, where she had been playing for the few minutes before we had to leave. 31 more words

The Crazy Quilt I Call My Life

There is always more Corn Pops

Asher had a meltdown the other day. And, by the other day, I mean, well, a lot of days. Asher is four and just feels everything really deeply, which makes him wonderful. 502 more words

Theological Musings

God's gifts

The blog has been quiet for a bit, but hopefully that is about to change since the UPS man arrived yesterday.

What does the UPS man have to do with my blog? 466 more words

Inner Life