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The eternal God, His everlasting love and His gift of eternal life

Psalms 89:38-90:17

‘Lord, You have been our dwelling place throughout all generations… From everlasting to everlasting, You are God’(Psalm 90:1-2).

The Bible begins with the words, ‘In the beginning, God…’. 108 more words

God's Love

Roadblocks to Peace

The older I get, and I am getting there fast…the more I am beginning to understand, notice I said “beginning!”  There was a time not so long ago that I thought being a Christian was all about following carefully crafted rules. 624 more words

Passion For God

Nursing Home Week

If you are not involved with Nursing home ministry you may not know but this week is national nursing home week in America. I would love to see many more people getting connected with nursing home ministry but not for the wrong reasons. 194 more words

The Love Of God

In the beginning, there is love, eternal love, the love of God.

‘Genesis’ means ‘beginning’. These opening verses challenge us to get our priorities right – (a) The priority of God (Genesis 1:1). 4,317 more words

God's Love

How Did Noah Build The Ark?

But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord Genesis 6:8

For those who have not made it to see the Ark Encounter it may be difficult to imagine not only the size, but also the tremendous amount of details involved in the ark. 238 more words

God's Eternal Love - Let us worship God: our response to love, eternal love, the love of God.

‘Exalt the Lord our God… Make a joyful noise to the Lord’ (Psalms 99:5, 9; 98:4, 6; 100:1). We are to worship the Lord with joy. 128 more words

God's Love

Do you love God?

Jesus was speaking to men who practised a very high-brow kind of religion. As far as they were concerned, they did all the right things. They regarded themselves as the people of God. 1,404 more words

God's Love