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Before You Start Your Lenten Journey

I’ve loved well …sometimes.  I’ve wanted to love well …many times.  I’ve loved …well, I’ve loved the best way any imperfect human being can … 1,024 more words


Clinging to God in the Darkness

As Authentic Believers, as long as our days remain on this earth, we are faced with a dichotomy of priorities and choices. Both may seem wholesome and hold a promise of natural blessings; yet only one is the perfect will for that moment of time in our life. 481 more words

Union With Christ

God's Love Abounds

God’s love is often antithetical to the concepts we expect from human love. There is no romance involved in Agape love, no passion or desire, and no human emotion. 379 more words

"Oh, that men would praise the Lord!"

This morning’s study of Psalm 107 clearly pictures the state of the human nature and God’s loving mercy in always forgiving us and restoring us to Him. 1,548 more words


Blessed Love

Love is such a multi-dimensional emotion so often expressed simply in acts of kindness and tenderness yet on so many levels it invites a complex nature. 285 more words

God's Promises

Just Daydreaming

There’s one festivity and two days that I don’t like in every year. Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Chinese New Year – because there was a time when relatives who visit would keep asking when it would be my turn to get married (as if one is born in life to grow up, work, get married, have children and die). 275 more words


The Great Deception

One of the great questions that people often struggle with is that of identity.  It is one of the three that people frequently ask: Who am I? 589 more words

Passion For God