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Reacting vs. Responding

Every day we make choices to either react or respond to situations.  We all have a choice to determine who or what is in control.  When we react to a situation we allow someone or something to have control over our emotions and thoughts.  378 more words



Cell Group – 02.05.2014

Sudah begitu banyak topik mengenai ‘hubungan’ – dengan judul dan kemasan yang berbeda-beda setiap tahunnya.
Why? Karena inti dari Kekristenan kita adalah “Hubungan”. 860 more words

Cell Group

In Spite of All That

In addition, Josiah removed the mediums, the spiritists, household idols, images, and all the detestable things that were seen in the land of Judah and in Jerusalem.

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My Life With God

Closer Than You Know

Sometimes we slip. We screw up. I know I do. A few months ago, I did. It wasn’t catastrophic. It was a culmination of things. I had become codependent on another person. 1,197 more words

God's Perspective on How to Live

Eyewitness: pp. 152,153
NASB Luke 12: 16-32
The Message: Luke 12: 16-32
Amplified Bible: Luke 12: 22-34
In Your Bible: Luke 12: 16-32

Jesus spoke to the Twelve and possibly the Seventy, yet still in hearing range of the multitudes around him. 474 more words


Perspective 15 June 2016

A good friend sent me this devotion from: Kit Pharo, Pharo Cattle Co. Cheyenne Wells, CO. She often passes these along to me and this one spoke volumes to me, hitting me right in the center of my own prayers. 392 more words


The very first bible verse I taught our little boys was “Be kind to one another.” (Ephesians 4:32).  They were only two and three years old at the time.   474 more words

Life Lessons