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Kitchen Sinks and Quiet Moments

Where do you most feel the presence of God? I could give you my Sunday school answers such as: in my quiet time, during a worship service, or while deep in prayer.  406 more words

God's Presence

Make Me New

The ritual which I partially performed brought consequences to myself, the biggest of which was a questioning of whether or not I even am still a Christian.   1,811 more words


So I Pray

So many watchmen and women indicate what others sense in this season of America’s story: We are at a crossroads as a nation…

For the past eight years I have been more mindful to thank the men and women in uniform, the ones who have put their lives on the line to secure freedom for fellow citizens. 183 more words


Are You Happy?

I was feeding my mom a meal the other day and I asked her, “Mama, are you happy?”

She turned her head to face me and looked me directly in the eyes and then abruptly and very loudly shouted, “NO-OOO!” 580 more words


Why Does God Seem Far Away?

As a follower of Christ, I’ve often asked, “God why do you seem far away from me?” If you’re not a follower of Christ that may not be a question you’ve ever asked; but for those of us who are, we wonder, “Why does God seem far away?” 1,160 more words


Read this if you're asking God for something.

My husband and I have a Great Dane puppy.

Rori is a little over three months old and, as you can imagine, is a ball full of energy. 619 more words