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A Proclamation to Praise~ "SHOUT!"

WOE: (14-0826)

“Tell the people to PRAISE!
PRAY- lift your voices to the heavens,
even to send the angels on My behalf!
Let praises reach Mt.Zion once again.

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Lord Jesus Resurrected(2)

Almighty God|Eastern Lightning|The Church of Almighty God

Although the Lord Jesus resurrected, his heart and his work did not leave man. He told man by his appearing that in whatever way he existed, he would accompany man anytime and anywhere, walking with man and being with man, and supply and shepherd man anytime and anywhere, and he would be visible and touchable to man anytime and anywhere, making man no longer feel helpless. 128 more words


How do you view your circumstances? Do you find it hard to shift your focus from yourself to Your Saviour. #Perspective  

Psalm 77:11-12

But I will remember the Lord’s deeds; yes, I will remember Your wondrous acts from times long past. I will meditate on all Your works; I will ponder Your deeds.

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If we desire peace in our homes, our marriages, and our families

We live in a world that is very chaotic and this chaos can try to creep its way into our homes and our families. If our desire is to have peace in our homes and our families then we must go daily before the Lord in prayer. 161 more words


Transpiring Praise

His presence is heavy like dense summer air

Can be cut by a knife,

But melts flesh like butter,

Soft and pliable to His touch, 138 more words


A Swirl of Emotions

If weather were dictated by your emotions

Would there be more calm seas, and clear blue skies

Or wind and rain and dark stormy nights… 13 more words

Spiritual Impressions

Gratitude for Great Friends

Yesterday one of the dearest people on the planet visited me at my church. I’m talking about Theresa Cronin. She, along with her husband Russ, attended one of the services at Rio Rancho United Methodist Church. 285 more words

God's Presence