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The Missing Med

Over these past couple of weeks I’ve realized that there seems to be a med for everything. As part of getting set up to provide in-home care we were given what was called a “comfort kit.” Basically a counter top of medications for different conditions we might encounter, all designed to ensure Sue remained comfortable. 533 more words


Seek The Kingdom

“And do not seek what you are to eat and what you are to drink, nor be worried.  For all the nations of the world seek after these things, and your  Father knows that you need them. 

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February Theme: Potpourri

Clinging to God in the Darkness

As Authentic Believers, as long as our days remain on this earth, we are faced with a dichotomy of priorities and choices. Both may seem wholesome and hold a promise of natural blessings; yet only one is the perfect will for that moment of time in our life. 481 more words

Union With Christ

God's Love Abounds

God’s love is often antithetical to the concepts we expect from human love. There is no romance involved in Agape love, no passion or desire, and no human emotion. 379 more words

What You Really Lack

I’ve been looking at the path to maturity in the book of James. I want to talk in a little more detail about the result. 613 more words

Holy Spirit

GW ~ a great new store

My friends Betty and John, from the now closed Trump campaign office in west Jacksonville, told me about an abfab new store they shop at. “It’s GW,” they said. 270 more words


MLK Jr. - 5 Truths (Truth 2)

Truth 2: We can lean on the Lord’s promise that He is always with us to get us through the difficult trials of life.

It was the beginning of King’s rise as a Civil Rights leader. 915 more words