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Jesus truly cares about our trials and struggles, and sometimes he does alleviate them. We should not be embarrassed or ashamed to ask him for help with earthly problems. 2,560 more words

Bible Teaching


I have bags full of old journals filled with my teenage thoughts, problems, questions, and prayers. Since I work with teenagers, I will often open those old journals for the purpose of “research,” and in doing so, I remember the Lord’s past provision. 540 more words

Life Lessons

God's Blessings are Abundant!

Hey there!

The Lord recently blessed us with a lot of groceries (for the mission) and strawberries and yoghurt being part of it! It’s amazing to see the Lord provide for His Children!

My Exciting Life

Acknowledging God

Too often, we plan our day and traverse the course of it by relying on our human understanding. We feel stress, pressure, irritation, exasperation, and sometimes, even sheer panic at all we have to accomplish in one day. 336 more words

Union With Christ

do not worry

He’s in a thousand tiny things:  the way one strand of Riley’s hair falls unevenly across her forehead, the rich sound of Zoe’s laughter—and mine—over song lyrics she misinterprets, the faintest hint of flowers on the breeze when I open the back door and walk across the porch.   882 more words


After the Fact

Slow, somber music faded away and all lights were extinguished, including the spot on the cave-like tomb, stage left.

Black silence enveloped us for several moments, as the burial scene concluded, a dramatic part of the Easter musical production at our church. 722 more words


Mercy unending

This morning I read through Psalm 78 and I was amazed at God’s relentless love, patience, forgiveness and mercy on His people. I recalled previous times when I’ve read about how the Israelites continually turned away from Him, despite the miracles He performed on their behalf and how He provided for their every need. 1,041 more words